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---When will Artemis 2.0 be released?
The PC version will be available on August 14, 2013.

---How much will it cost?
The PC bridge license will remain $40 USD. Players who have already purchased an Artemis PC bridge license are entitled to a coupon, so they can buy V2.0 for the upgrade price of $5 USD.

---How will I get a coupon code, so I can buy 2.0 for $5us?

All coupon codes will be emailed. You can currently buy the game digitally from two companies; FastSpring, and MyCommerce/RegNow. You will get coupons good at both online stores.

If you purchased from those online stores in the past, we have your email and will email the coupon codes to you in time for you to use one when the game becomes available.

If you don't get a coupon code in a timely fashion, feel free to send an email to, and attach proof of purchase (forwarding your email receipt works). We will reply with the coupon codes.

---What if I don't have a receipt?

If you purchased the game some other way (like at a convention), or got a free copy somehow (contest winner, convention award), then the proof of purchase will be a digital picture of your game CD or USB stick, alongside your smiling face. Just attach it to the email.

---Are you charging for ALL upgrades now?

No. PC V2.0 is the first time we've charged for anything beyond your initial purchase, and it's because V2.0 is such a major re-build of the game. We've NEVER said that ALL upgrades will be free, and never said that customers are buying an unfinished or risky product.

But we don't expect to charge owners anything for V2.1, or V2.5, just like we never charged for V1.1, or V1.5.

---Will you still offer a 100% money-back guarantee?

Yes. We have ALWAYS offered a 100% no-questions money-back guarantee for Artemis, and we always will. For PC digital downloads, it's easy to refund the credit/debit card you used. However, Apple, Amazon, and Google have much more restrictive systems for handling refunds on the IOS and Android versions. If you want a refund for those versions, you may have to contact us directly at, and we'll have to use paypal to give you the refund.

If all other options are closed, I'm happy to write a refund check and snail-mail it to you.

---What if I buy a week before 2.0 comes out?

If you bought an Artemis PC bridge license less than 90 days before PC V2.0 is released, send an email to, and attach proof of purchase (forwarding your email receipt works). We will reply with a download link for the 2.0 version, so you don't have to pay $5.

---Is 2.0 backward compatible with 1.7?

No. So keep your 1.x installer files, think twice before you delete them or overwrite them.

We recommend that you install V2.0 as a new game. Don't install OVER your existing 1.X installation.

---What about the IOS and Android versions?

We're working on them; they're coming, but they won't be done by August 14.

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Please wait until after the release of the game, before sending in your coupon requests.  Thank you!

--Brian C. Johnson
  Community Manager

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Crazy question - 

Will the missions that worked in v1.70 work in v2.0?



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Will there be a DMG version distributed for Mac users?  On the previous forum a user named Aaron shared that he had figured out how to pack version 1.70 as a DMG that greatly simplified the installation process on Mac OSX 10.6 and later.  Any chance we could package up version 2.0 this way as well?  It looks like this may also lessen the need for an official Mac version of the game, and the packaging process seemed to be simple once it was figured out.

The original thread is here:


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I didn't see it mentioned in the FAQ but will people who made the videos on YouTube of them playing Artemis that received a copy of the game from Thomas Robertson. Will they also get a coupon or will they have to buy the full version?
Xavier Wise

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Rather disappointed...

The current way the coupon code works will not favour those who play purely online. I have no purchase receipt of my own as I obtained a copy from a fellow online player whose crew I joined (I gained a copy based upon the six bridge license statement; one purchase can be used on up to six computers on a trust basis).

To upgrade there seems to be only two options for me now. If someone on the online community is charitable enough to share their upgrade with me then it will mean that I will either have to play them a small fee (a dollar or two, hardly worth the hassle as I'm in the UK and due to conversion rate), or the provide it to me free.  If I can't find someone charitable, then I will have to purchase the full game, and technically I do not have six people to split the cost with easily. That mean I am going to have to pay out the full amount for a six bridge license that is to be only ever used on one computer.

As I run the TSN Community, I am also aware that I may not be the only one facing this issue. I think the online community as a whole may take a hit, or people in the online community will end up sharing a free upgrade anyway. The issue here is the fairness of it. Someone online will buy the upgrade for $5 then potentially see others who paid nothing get the upgrade too. 

Fleet Captain Xavier Wise - TSN Sabre
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The way I read the license, the offer is made to share your copy of the game with 5 others so you can form a full bridge. If those shared copies are ultimately shared again to form other bridges the studio asks that you purchase a license and continue sharing Artemis in that way. There is no DRM, no activation scheme, no 'always-connected' requirement. But it sounds to me like you would like to continue to play, but not pay for your own (or part of someone else's) copy of the game. Perhaps v1.7 will continue to thrive in your community, since it's the previous version and remains 'free' to you. What am I not understanding? Are you asking someone here to share their upgrade with you? 

Xavier Wise

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I received my original copy as part of a shared purchase, where I was one of a full crew and we all played online. A full license was purchased then shared with the rest of the crew. That was awhile back and those I started out with no longer play.

I am not asking for people to share their upgrade, I am expressing my disappointment that I will have to purchase a full bridge license for myself, forking out the full $40 when others (who are part of a bridge crew that meets face to face) only have to fork out 1/6 of that amount normally.

The TSN Community now has 30+ members. Many have a full bridge license that they have had to purchase in order to join (even though they only play online and therefore have the same issue; they have no one to share the cost with). It isn't viable to have them team up in sixes and share the cost either, people join regularly, but not in groups of six or all willing to give money to the community in order to furnish them with a bridge license. As a community we could have a "join fee" and then pay Thom $40 for every 6th member we have, but then that will potentially mean we have fewer recruits and they will be paying it to an account controlled by a stranger.

The way purchases work is an issue with all online players really. I think there are enough people in the TSN Community with full bridge licenses to outfit 60+ bridge crews, and many of them play solely online. Virtually every new member has to buy their own or will get it free from another online player. Please note, we do not hand out free copies of the game to new members to the TSN Community! Others online are willing to share their copy (even though they have paid the full $40 and will get nothing in return).

What I would prefer is to pay the $5 upgrade fee as that is what I am doing, upgrading. I don't have any proof of purchase as I wasn't the original purchaser.

As for the community thriving, I think the community will very quickly fragment. People aren't going to want to continue playing V1.702 when V2.0 is out, a new, more up-to-date and better version of the game. Either they will have to fork out the cash (like I am going to have to do) or they will leave the community altogether. 

And in terms of me continuing to play... you can count on it. I am just saying that I am disappointed in the way things have worked out. It works for crews who meet regularly, who know one another and have met face to face but not for the online community at all. If anything, it makes it much more expensive to play online than in the same room. 

Fleet Captain Xavier Wise - TSN Sabre
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I'm not sure what you are suggesting. I thought the bridge group license was intended as a curtesy to crews of six or less that regularly play as a group, not to suggest that the fair price to pay freely was supposed to be 1/6 of the advertised price. In a sense, you paid roughly the upgrade price for the original game which it sounds like you have since enjoyed beyond the context of that single fixed bridge crew, and now you may be obligated to pay the original price for the "upgrade". That doesn't seem unreasonable. This is a niche game that needs our support. Paying Thom for every 6th person that joins your club seems to me to be stretching the bounds of good faith a bit, especially if any club members ever start playing with anybody else. For what its worth, people I have played with in person, when they wanted to play with other people, just went out and bought a new full license, the notion being at _least_ one license per bridge, not at _most_ one license.
Xavier Wise

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"The full version of Artemis is available for $40, and can be instantly downloaded. This purchase gives you the right to copy and install the game onto every computer of your bridge (up to 6). So I’m really only asking for less than $7 per bridge station ($14 if you can only find two buddies), and there’s no copy protection or complicated systems or limits. I just ask that you share with your bridge crew, and not the whole world."

I am operating one bridge station.

Fleet Captain Xavier Wise - TSN Sabre
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If you are running the TSN community, you have access to those 30+ people that you state are members. Most of them (hopefully not ALL of them) are going to be in the same situation. To solve this for yourself and create "protection" for future upgrades, buy the license, find five other members of the TSN community who only have stations (no bridge license) and have them all chip in $6.75 to you. You will then have your copy with the license, you will have helped out 5 other members without them having to pay the full amount as well, and then you will have your crew. Your copy of the game should not be passed out beyond that, as you will have met the license limitations, and you will have paid $6.75 out of pocket, protecting yourself from the need to pay for a full license for potential future upgrades with fees, while helping 5 others get to play the current version as well.

I believe that you thinking process on this is currently reversed ("Why should I have to pay for this when other people get a copy for free?"), rather than the legal, ethical, and supporting "Why should other people get this for free when I had to pay?" The former will ensure that the game does not get developed to the level that the community wants, where the later helps insure that the game will be the best that it can be at the lowest cost possible.
Xavier Wise

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Yet those five people, when the next update that requires payment comes out, will be in the same situation which I am now in. They would not have a receipt as they didn't make the actual purchase; I did, supported by them and their payments of $6.75 each. I would be the one holding the receipt, and if I am no longer about to provide a copy of that receipt or verify that they chipped in, how will they then prove that they have chipped in $6.75 to pay for it? In addition to this, if someone already has obtained a free copy of the game somehow (shared by a friend for example), why would they give me $6.75 to then pay for it?

And the "Why should others get this for free when I had to pay?" is something that is on my mind. Why should I get the upgrade for free when others have had to pay $5 for the upgrade? I have not asked anyone to give it me for free for this exact reason. In fact, although someone did offer it to me (saying that I had actually contributed a decent amount to the Artemis Community, in particular the online community), I turned it down as it would be "unethical" even though it is just $5. (Perhaps I will take him up on the offer and send him a dollar or two through the post! Of course, the stamp would probably cost me more than the dollars inside the envelope!)

Look at it from this point of view; I already have a share of a bridge license. Why should I have to pay $40 to get a bridge license of my own just so I can get the upgrade coupon when I am only running one station?

I am disappointed as the only option open to me is to buy a full bridge license of my own. I do not want to potentially put a load of people in my situation in the future and I do not feel comfortable taking a free copy from someone.

In terms of the bridge license thing and the amount, here is a rough guide to what I am talking about with regards to the online community. Say 12 people are online playing. 8 - 10 of them will have bought their own bridge license. Out of those 8 - 10, only 1 or 2 will actually play elsewhere with a crew (and will have split the cost with that crew). Looking at it, there is probably a higher cost to play this game online. People who play online don't give out copies of the game to anybody who turns up new to it. The new person has to go and buy their own copy for the full $40 price.

Fleet Captain Xavier Wise - TSN Sabre
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I think xavier's core problem is he helped pay for someone else's license and is no longer in contact with the license holder to get a 2.0 from him.

What you get for paying 1/6 of $40 is lack of control.

The crux of this is why are you quibbling over $40?

Somebody who can afford a pc, and a regular internet connection should surely be able to afford a one time $40 payment to get artemis that they fully own.

If someone finds the $40 price of admission too honerous on their bank account, mayhap they have more important things to be spending their money on.

It may be a bit fuzzy on the license, but I suspect somebody running a 2.0 game that they own a license for will probably spot you a copy as they'd rather enjoy your company than have you sit out because you can't overcome a $40 obstacle.

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Thom, this whole cash-grab thing you have going on is just ridiculous.

I bought the game for $40 a year ago. Hard earned money, right? Money I could've spent on a console game I'd give up on in 8 hours or less. Then, I shared it with the other 5 guys in my bridge crew (oops, more than 5 because my bridge-partners have changed over time and I took advantage of your lack of DRM to share it with my new crew, too.  We'll keep that a little secret between us).  The old crew kept their copies, so it's like they stole from me, right? I’ve been playing Artemis for upwards of 100 hours or more.  And now you spent, what?  A YEAR working on 2.0, while providing free updates the whole time?  And 2.0 has all new UI, new features, and a slew of other things and you honestly expect me to pay an extra $5 for?!?  Are you out of your MIND?!?

My old bridge crew most definitely offered it to THEIR new crews, further exploiting the lack of DRM.  And now they’ve been playing with their friends, for months, for free, and you actually are asking them to pay the full $40 (one time, one person) to play the completely updated V2.0, or embarrass themselves by asking someone else?  Bwahahahaha, who do you think you are to shake them down like that?

Don’t think I’ve forgotten about the time you hired another company to make mobile clients that are completely unnecessary for normal gameplay, but added a whole new dimension to the game,  and thought you could charge us $3 bucks for it.  Yet another ripoff from a master swindler.

TL;DR – I hope you little whiners complaining about kicking in a few bucks are all children with little-or-no experience in the real world, or with money.  Your positions are indefensible, and insulting. Just SHUT. UP.

Thom – Thank you for your work. Take my money. Can’t wait until Wednesday!


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That was glorious, DeathByGiraffe. I was concerned about stepping on toes, but that's pretty much what I was trying to say. I think the software was released with the right type of license. Sharing this with your crew and, in turn, letting them share with their crews expands the reach of the game. Shaming your friends into ponying up for a full license is, quite frankly, part of the fun for our group of aging geeks. I completely understand not having $40 for a game/thing/experience you love, I've been there and I think everyone has at some point in their lives. In my secret world where everything works out perfectly, the people who are "playing for free" with the generous licensing program of Artemis/Thom/Incandescent will eventually understand the gift and cough up the dough. Maybe in the real world that's doesn't happen, but it's harder to believe with this stocking cap pulled down over my face and my fingers in my ears....lalalalala.

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