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See the Artemis PBWorks Wiki, User-Created Missions page for a detailed list of the included missions and separate forum thread links for each.

Note that the contents of this mission pack are the responsibility of their respective authors. This mission pack provides a quick way to obtain over 75 missions in a single download.

Release notes:

This is Artemis Mission Pack v2015.03 released 01 Mar 2015.
Consolidated and maintained by LawsonThompson at the Artemis forums
This is a combined set of many popular user-created missions listed 
at the Artemis fan wiki, maintained at the following URL:
NOTE: several legacy missions in this pack have been updated to work 
with Artemis v2.11+.
- A Clockwork Torgoth
- Beacon in the Dark
- Havok in the Hamak Sector
- Something Torgoth This Way Comes
- Whimsical Whales
Report bugs, crashes etc to the Mission Scripting forum here:
--- Release History ---
- Initial release. 
- Took liberties in renaming several missions to reduce the text overflow 
  in the Artemis 2.0 server screen. 
- Includes the Sandbox v2 documentation in PDF format.
- Added Guardians via a backup provided by pupbrad in the Artemis forums. 
- Revised version of Sandbox with fuel collection system restored.
- Updated Ardent series with minor patches to display "Mission Complete" 
  messages for a longer time.
- New missions added: Training (German and English translations)
- New mission: Horde
- New mission: Silent Frontier 1. 
- Update: Beacon in the Dark
- New missions: Stellar Tactical And Reconnaissance Corps (STAR Corps)
  missions as of May 20, 1 thru 13. 
- Updated TSN RP Sandbox; moved TSN Sandbox documentation into the mission 
- Updated: Whimsical Whales
- New Mission: Shell Shock (2 versions: GM operated multi-ship, single ship)
- TSN Sandbox updated as of 11 Aug 2014. 
- STAR Corps Missions (Ardent) updated with July 29 fixes for better 
  compatibility with Artemis v2.1.
v2014.1111: Many new missions, bringing total to 62, plus patches.
- Patched: A Clockwork Torgoth
- Patched: Beacon in the Dark
- Patched: Havok in the Hamak Sector
- Patched: Something Torgoth This Way Comes
- Patched: Whimsical Whales
- New mission: GM Sandbox v2 (Arrew Sandbox): See included README file for usage.
- New mission: TSN Sandbox: updated to Nov 11, 2014 version.
- New mission series: Ardent Season 3: 5 missions in a continuing storyline.
  Includes Sitting Ducks, Stalinium Slaves, Rock of Ages, Piece of the Puzzle,
  and The Vault
- New mission series: Ardent Season 4: 6 missions of what will eventually be 
  a 9-mission season. Includes Blind the Giant, Good Professor, The Sherman,
  Changeling, Olive Branch of Deceit, and Restless Dead.
v2015.03: 79 missions in this release
- Updated: TSN Sandbox: updated to Jan 1, 2015 edition. 
  As usual, it's highly recommended that you visit the forum 
  for latest TSN Sandbox news and documentation.
- Updated: Ardent Ep 4 (original season), updated Jan 9, 2015
- Updated: Ardent Season 4: missions consolidated from 
  previous mission pack patch, renamed for better sort order when viewing
  mission list.
- New mission: Arrew's GM Sandbox 3.1
- New mission: Attack on New Lhasa (from Chronicles of the TSN)
- New mission: Arrew's Fighter Free For All
- New mission: Arrew's Advanced Enemies
- New mission series: 8 USN Mission samples, requires GM, intended for GM and
  multi-ship play. Refer to the ReadMe files with each mission and a link
  to a YouTube video briefing for each mission.

Visit us at

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Never did finish the last mission for the Ardent series. It's just so much easier to make mission in the sandbox.

I think there are about 9 or so USN Mission scripts.
Multi Ship scripts that need minimal GM intervention.

But I made them for the USN RP Group so I'd like USN permission before I share.
Will get back to you ASAP.

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Please consider;

New Advanced Enemies

(9) Multi Ship USN Missions with links to youtube video briefings.
(Some GM interaction required.)

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This is mind-blowing. I don't even know where to start!

I mean, holy crap. Video briefings? GM stuff? Man, this sounds awesome!

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The last ones are a bit rushed. I think I need voice acting classes [wink] .

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I would always be happy to help with voice acting if you ever need it.

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And it's live! Artemis Mission Pack 2015.03 hits the interwebs with 52MB of scripted goodness.

Cross-posted in the Steam forums:

We'll see if that pulls in a bit of traffic too.

Visit us at

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We can totally get to 100 this year  [wink] .
hatsune miku

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oh no not a mission pack
everyone run

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Will this ever be updated?

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Originally Posted by Arrew
Will this ever be updated?

How many of these missions compatible with 2.2 is my wondering.   

Captain -  TSN Belisarius BS-108
"Pax per consilia et maxime armis." -  "Rescindentes venator ad venationem." 

(Deane Geiken)

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2.2 isn't such a big change, they should be alright for the most part I would think.

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Thank you guys

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Hey, is this mission pack still being maintained, or is an other mission pack around?


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Hi, LoB! I recently put together a smaller mission pack for my Portland crew, of more recently made missions that aren't included in this mission pack.
These missions have no mods, and so don't require installation on everyone's computers, so you should be able to run all of these on mobile devices.

Artemis "Portland" Mission Pack 2017.08 - 66mb

It should be noted that some of these have audio files, and some of those aren't very playable without everyone being able to hear the sounds. So turn up the speakers on the server!
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