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Cap Naes

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In a large game with a group of 13-16yo youth:

Captain (to first officer): "Your job is to make sure those fighter pilots do what they're told and don't get off the ship until I say so."
First officer (to very inattentive fighter pilot table): "The next one of you that launches before you're told is getting your mouse unplugged!"


Captain: "Forward steady, watch out for obstacles."
Helm (newish): "Encountering giant space meatballs."
Captain: "Those are asteroids. Go around them."
Helm: "They look like meatballs" (hits one) "Oh, but they're hard like rocks!"
Captain: "Shields up you meatfaces!"


After an exciting against the odds game where a desperate captain in a crippled ship successfully lured the last enemy fleet directly into a black hole with taunts and unexpected warp jumps. Crew member: "That was totally Captain Kirk of you!"
Mike Substelny

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Those are priceless!
"The Admiralty had demanded six ships; the economists offered four; and we finally compromised on eight."
- Winston Churchill

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No printable quotes, but most every crew in their first time with a Jump Drive.
Capt sez something like plot a course to that fleet
Sci - bearing XX, distance YY {dead smack in the middle}
Helm - jump set and confirmed.
enemy fleet - LOOK!  An easy kill we can ALL gang up on! 
  --  BOOM!


on TeamSpeak as GreyBeard {the Grim}  ;-)
Chief Engineer of the Fulminata, one of the Pirates Of BeechWood! 

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From a recent training session, new crew on Engineering and Weapons. I'm at helm.  We've just docked at the last starbase in the sector to refuel, restock, and replenish our DamCom teams, the poor bastards.  It's been tough, but successful so far.

Captain: Weapons, convert energy to torps.
Weapons: Oh sh*t I fired the nuke.
Captain: ...
Engineering: ... is that...
Me: You did what?

Starbase & Ship: BOOM


Commander Hood, 9th Fleet Operations

Commanding Officer, TSN Yale: 9th Fleet Academy Training Vessel
Helmsman, TSN Vanguard


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Here are some from our event at ConNooga 2019:

Science, reading the description of an enemy captain: "Hm, 'The Captain does not care about space whales'?!. Murder him!"

Weapons, to an enthusiastic Captain right after mission success: "Dude you’re such a good leader! That was so amazing; I feel like I’ve been to outer space and back!"

Captain: "Fighters, get back! That was a nuke!" *BLAM* "Oh no, I’m sorry!"

Helm: “Can we just pew pew the little triangle things?”
Captain: “Yes, pew pew the little triangle things.” 


Captain: "Asteroids are the ninjas of space."

Later...  "Pretty sure at least one of them is named Will, so fire at will!"


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