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Hey everyone,

Loving this game!  Only one issue.  Many of the people I play with and the computers I have access to are Linux or mac computers.  We have made them all work with PlayOnMac or WINE, but all have the same symptom:

The mouse cursor is very very slow and laggy when in the game. 

As an example, a Core Duo 2.0 with 3 GB of RAM, running Windows XP and Artemis 2.3.0 has no noticeable lag on the cursor in game.

The SAME EXACT MACHINE running linux and WINE will lag the cursor to about 5fps in the engineering screen, or around 8 to 10fps in the Science screen.  No significant lag in the main intro screen or console select screen.

We see the same result on a mac running PlayOnMac (my main machine), which is a Core2Duo with 4GB of RAM and discrete ATI video.

Resolution does not have a dramatic impact but it does have a slight impact of maybe 50% improvement if we drop to 800x600.  Still not enough.

Any suggestions?  Any WINE settings I can put in that will help? Nothing so far has worked.

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What distro are you running?  I have a 10 PC bridge all running Ubuntu and wine without any noticeable lag like you are describing.  I'm using the wine built into the Ubuntu application manager.  I don't know the exact specs of the machines but they are 7 year old business class machines and were going to be scrapped. So I would guess they are all Core 2 Duo's with 2gb ram (so nothing to write home about).  I am running the full x desktop and use the max resolution supported by the video card when starting Artemis.  I've also used LUbuntu successfully, but haven't recloned the workstations with the smaller distro.

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I can't recall each distro exactly as they were all different, but that should give you an indicator it is not distro specific. This affected macs too.

Kubuntu, lububtu were all for sure seeing this. The unit I was testing was an MSI core duo with Intel graphics and 3gb, and it was running lubuntu.

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Hmm, I have 5 old laptops running Lubuntu and Wine and have no problems. Not helpful, I know.

We did have some mouse lag on the server computer for a while (Ubuntu on that one) but allowing it to sit for a few minutes after booting up before hitting Artemis helped a lot.

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We had this same problem in our game last night.  Most or all of the macs had very slow mouse pointers, with terrible update speed.  What's more, I don't remember it being a problem in the past -- we've played with macs many times over the years with (mostly) success.

I'll try soon to see if the change from 2.1.5 to 2.3.0 makes a difference.  We only played 2.3.0 yesterday.


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I'm running consoles on D630s with Linux Mint. I've noticed a little cursor lag, but haven't though to attribute it to Linux. It's pretty minor, though. I'll try loading Windows on one and see how it does.
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My bridge is on a pile of Dell Latitude D630/D820/D830 machines, 2 to 4 GB RAM and Core2 Duo, about 7+ years old. Under WinXP they run great; I should test under Wine.

Thought: did you hit Alt-F to view the frame rate in Artemis? Or are you checking the frame rate slowdown some other way?

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