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I run Artemis for a gaming convention and I've had some issues with the game crashing. I did some research on here about the possibility of enemy abilities crashing the game on Windows 10 and I gotta say that when I GMed some games, as long as I made sure the enemies weren't tough enough to have abilities--it pretty much was solid with no crashes.

All that being said: Are things any more stable with Windows 7? I heard it was better for the game, but I wanna hear what ya'll have to say about it.

7 or 10 with no abilities?
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My experience is that both work equally well, but I had not considered running a server on Windows 7 for test purposes.

When Artemis 3.0 comes out it will not work with Windows 7. Artemis 3.0 will require Windows 10.

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The main difference between Windows 7 vs Windows 10 is performance, but not really for the reasons you'd expect.

Windows 10 implemented a graphic driver security patch a few releases ago which slows down 3D rendering in DirectX 9 code, which is what Artemis 2.x uses.

You can work around the Windows 10/DirectX 9 slowdown (which affects the server the most) via DXWnd, documented here in this thread:

In theory, the performance gains might help a server run smoother and prevent lag. Less time spent grinding through vertex calculations means more time handling Artemis core logic.

In an even-less-proven theory about DxWnd, the game stability might improve due to the change in the render path. It's skipping software-emulated vertex processing, which could be old buggy code. It's definitely SLOW!

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