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There's been a nasty ghost bug, causing all clients to crash, and associated with the death of monsters.

I've had a lot of trouble locating it, but I did so today.

Specifically, the crash was due to a malformed attack message from the server to the client.  In my code, I've now changed the server to be more careful about the validity of the attack message, and I've changed the client to be more robust if it gets a malformed attack message.

One of my debugging tools is a simple AI that drives and fights the player ship.  Using that, I can leave the game running overnight, and find any crash dialogs in the morning.  I changed the AI to hunt monsters, changed the monster generator to only make piranhas, and the crash finally got found.

With this bug fixed, and the fighters in, I'm leaning more towards a version release before Armada II.  Armada II is subtitled "Ximni Dawn", and I plan to debut the Ximni ships and the associated changes at the Armada II convention.

Please come!  It'll be awesome.

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Ill be there! Thats for all the hard work!
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thats so good to hear and I would LOVE to try out the fighters before Armada!
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You've got legions of crews excited to see bugs removed and fighters added. This is great news, Thom!
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Woot woot!!  That's awesome news!
Note - this is in no way intended to be an official position of Thom or Artemis, as I am not an official representative of the creator or game.

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Yay, Thom!

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Originally Posted by techbear
Please come!  It'll be awesome.

Please come!?!



Wild Skarrans and that wall your presidential candidates want to build wouldn't keep me away from this con. I would snorkel across Lake Erie if I had to.

I will be there with Aldebaran bells on.

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Hooray! That was a persistent one. Glad to hear it's finally been caught. Also, kudos on being preemptive on detecting and avoiding such bugs in the future. That's always a good idea. [smile]

Am I right in assuming that AI is the same one that used to play in "Demo Mode"? I noticed it was gone, but I guess you just removed player access to it.
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