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I'm currently programming my own Artemis Client using IAN to use in a custom console build (because I don't want all controls to be visible on the screen, even if I replaced them with physical buttons, etc).

As a first step and prove of concept I'm doing the Weapons console. But for this (and for Helm and Science) I need the ship icons.
I managed to load the .dxs files and could simply use the unshaded 3d models in a parallel perspective do display the icons. I know that Artemis itself does it differently (you can replace the .dxs files and still see the correct icons), yet I cannot find any graphics for the icons anywhere.

I would really like to use 2d graphics instead of the 3d models.
Does anybody know where I can find them or if they are transferred from the server and could be somehow loaded via IAN?

Ok, I found this thread:
According to this, the game indeed creates the icons by loading the 3d models.
But as I said, replacing the .dxs files on the client does not replace the icons, so I guess they are transferred from the server.
Does anybody know if IAN is capable of loading these icons? I did not find anything yet...

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As I'm not an expert, I'm not fully understanding what's being said here, but I think I get the gist. As I understand it, the icons are drawn in real time, but I would have thought they were drawn by the clients.
As a rule of thumb, you're going to want your .dxs files to be identical client and server to avoid any technical issues? Having said that, Artemis functions in a complete absence of .dxs files too!

I'd be interested to know what it is you're aiming to achieve.

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As you said, Artemis works perfectly fine without the .dxs files.
This includes the Weapons, Helm and Science consoles: They are still able to display the ship silhoutte icons on the map, even though the .dxs files are not there.

My question is: Where are those icons stored or where does the game get them from?

I want to know this because I'm programming my own Artemis client and want to use the same icons as the game does.
I can use the .dxs files to create the icons myself during runtime, but this means that I have to keep them in sync with the server and that I have to do programming to do so.
I would prefer to load them from some file or via IAN in case they are transferred from the server.
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My understanding is that there are no icons. The client draws the 2D image in real time based on the DXS file for the ship. That way a modder can add a new ship type without needing to create a 2D icon for it.
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Ok, you are right.
I really thought you could replace or remove the .dxs files and still see the correct icons.
But I just tested it and it does not work.

So, sorry for the confusion.
I will code my client to load the .dxs files and create icons from them, just like the original one.

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IAN actually can load and parse the .dxs files and return objects that represent the 3D models. It also originally included code to render the 2D icons, but I took it out because it introduced a dependency on AWT (which makes it incompatible with Android).

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If you want to save time, you could capture the icons either in game or using a 3d modelling program, and use them in your custom console. You would just have to add new icons as they come out in the game. I'm 99% certain that none of the icons are scaled for any reason, so you wouldn't need to make them bigger or smaller.

You could also use the stock "arrowhead" icon, which is used for unidentified ships and the cursor. It would be primitive compared to the game and its silhouettes, but you might want to go for a retro look.

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@Arkantos: Thank you. I actually found that out just a fewe hours before you posted this. I merged the old render code back into my local copy of the latest IAN version, but haven't tested it yet.
I really like the solid wireframe look. This will definately go into a display do show the selected ship.

@ryleyra: That "retro look" idea is quite interesting.
Maybe I will
allow players to switch between both views, just to have more flick switches on the console.
Or have Science control it. If I ever build a mechanical Engineering console, the energy assigned to the Sensors could be only 90% of what Engineering actually defined with the sliders. You only get the full 100%, if Science turns off the "Silhouette Detection" (at least for Helm and Weapons)
So many ideas
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