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I'll start with the questions and post the tl;dr after [wink]

What trailing edge laptops have you had good experiences with playing Artemis?

Has the usual Intel graphics chip been sufficient to run Artemis? 

What is the minimum Intel chip that you've used successfully?

I'm hoping to continue taking my Artemis setup on the road to cons and school events, as well as just minimizing storage and setup. So; I'm want to switch to laptops from the bunch of small form factor Dell Optiplexes that I have. Ideally, I would get about six nearly identical laptops. (one for a spare, and run the server/mainscreen on a more capable desktop)

My first question is whether the generic Intel video on various common laptops is sufficient. I tend to think that a discrete graphics chip is preferable, but I don't want to mistakenly assume that the Intel isn't sufficient.

I've obtained a few different older Dell Latitudes to test with, with varying results:

I have a D630 with Nvidia NV135M graphics that runs at a lower resolution, but handles Artemis fine. The concern with it is that there's a known issue with the Nvidia chip on it having problems.

The D830 also has a NV 135M but a high native resolution which seems to really tax the graphics chip and slow things down. I could run it at a lower resolution, but it doesn't look good.

The D6510 I have has a the Nvidia 3500M, runs at a middling resolution and plays Artemis smoothly, but it has some issues displaying the control overlay - like what should be transparent is blue. It's playable, but not right.

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Hi Sandman

As founder of the Artemis Parry Sound sector fleet we have had very good results from the Intel chipset running v2.1.1 with Mark Bell's tng mod 2.11. The USS MEGALODON Sovereign Flagship of our fleet uses 2 quad core acer Aspire E1-510P-2810 laptops running 8gb ram also with win 8.1 sometimes these stations are used as the servers running three main windows off a vga or hdmi link to my first officer's 52 inch plasma TV. Sometimes the server also runs one bridge station in addition to the main screen 800x600, an observer window 1024x768 and the artemis alert display java based window during our missions. my first officer uses his powerful laptop I also have one other Asus laptop running on 6gb ram on windows 7.

We've also noticed an increased performance with using a 5 8 gigabit ether net hub which was a suggestion from someone on forums,with some very stable results. we are still tweaking mind you hope this helps answer some of your questions hope things go smoothly on your upcoming missions.

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I've run a bridge consisting mainly of Dell Latitude D630, D820, and D830 with a mix of Intel Crestline and Nvidia chipsets. I recommend nVidia for the main screen, if available. The Intels seem fine for crew stations; just don't hit the external view by accident.

For the D830 high-res problem: ensure you select a resolution which is the same aspect as the native resolution. For my D830, native at 1920 x 1200, that's a 1.6 ratio, which means 1440x900 is a good middle-range compromise of resolution and appearance. 

The lowest grade piece of kit I've used is an Acer EEE PC netbook, but connected to an external 17" LCD display. The internal 1024x600 display was way too small!

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I have not played much lately but on 2.1 I believe I was running this I found on an old post.

I know I got around a chash at start with I think the same message using

File hosted by -


The Reference Network for Your Hardware Setup and Tweak

User support and help at



" colors tend to be a little off buts its useable on 2 old laptops that have direct x 9 installed to play everquest but the built in cards were only made for dx8 I believe. the only boxes I have check to get it to work are all in demo box and 2 on the right most side force anisloping or something and the one below that the save program something or other. the one laptop a ibm A31 has ati mobility radeon 7500 with a drver date from 5/25/2005 running a 1.6GHz p4 mobile.  while I don't know how old this one is a quick search shows a review of the a31 from 2002,

Granted this old of lap top is best for something like comms, but it does not take much for the non severs to run if you only load one station at a time.

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Seconding the EeePC netbook:  An Atom with the old-as-dirt GMA950 graphics works fine for helm/weapons, and even science in a pinch.  Comms gets a little snug on the tiny display.

I HAVE made it work on a Core Duo (and still GMA 950) based Sony UX, but that thing has a teensy 5" 1024x600 screen, and the disk on it is slow as molasses.

Money's always a problem with this game, only because you might want large custom consoles with 24" or larger touchscreens and all the bells and whistles, but you sometimes need to make it work with $300 and some pocket lint.  My rule of thumb has been, if it can run Windows 7, it can probably run Artemis just fine.  Make sure that above all else, your keyboards and mice are in good shape, since they're going to take a beating, and nothing is as troubling as a stuck left trackpad button in a click-heavy game.  Even a pile of AmazonBasics keyboards and mice can go a long way to making things nicer until you get into a custom bridge buildout.


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Just following up. I settled on Dell D630s for my consoles. I got barebones versions for $40-80 most with 4gb ram and all with Nvidia chips. I added cheap 120gb SSDs and cheap Chinese power supplies and batteries for those that needed. Running Linux Mint and Artemis on Wine.

The D630s seem to be fairly common, which is nice for having spares and finding parts.

Mainscreen/server continues to be a small form factor Dell Optiplex 755 (IIRC the number).

CDR Callisto "Sandman" Bold
Executive Officer of TSN Harbinger
Shipwright of Project Harbinger (Seattle WA)

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I'm currently running a Core 2 notebook, with a G105M card, and it runs pretty decent.
It only lags due to the wireless connection, but it runs decent on itself.
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