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Xavier Wise

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I would like to request that a couple of people are given moderator powers to help police the forum. I am making this request due to recent experiences on the forums.

There are two reasons why I believe we need moderators. The first is that when discussions turn to heated debate, and eventually descend in to abusive messages, someone needs to be able to step in and stop it. I have had to put up with derogatory comments and open insults being directed at me, as have others. Allowing such comments to stand shows a tolerance to this kind of behaviour but, from my experience, it is impossible to stand up to it without perpetuating the argument further.

I suggest that, when such incidences as the one I have experienced occur, there should be first a request to stop, formal warnings from moderators and then short term bans if the individuals involved continue. The request to stop just needs to be a post in the thread, or a PM to those involved. Formal warnings need to be PMs, there should be no 'naming and shaming' or reprimands in front of a public audience as it would be wrong in my opinion. If one or more parties disagrees, then they need to take it up with the moderators in PMs to keep it off the public forums. Finally, if one or both parties continue there should be a short term ban to let things cool off. Any inappropriate posts should be removed too. 

The second reason is to help keep the forums clear from spam, and 'close' old topic threads that have been addressed/ are no longer relevant; basically, general management and housekeeping of the forums.

Those who would be moderators need to be impartial, and not have a history of being involved in previous arguments (hence I do not wish to be one of them). They would also need to be relatively active on the forums and probably well known to the community.

Sadly, we do not live in a world where we can avoid amicable discussions descending into arguments and abusive and insulting messages being posted. I think we need to recognise that, though we have very few issues (and I'd like to stress, it is a rare occurrence that things escalate), on occasion we need someone to step in with appropriate powers and put a stop to it. We have rules for the forums that we all follow, we just need a couple of people to make sure that, when there is an extreme case, these rules are enforced. 

I hope I am being reasonable in making this request. I would feel more comfortable if there were people we could turn to if things get out of hand.

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