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How does the Warp Efficiency rating work? If the number is lower, the more power the warp drives use? Or is it the opposite?

I would assume the same works for power and jump efficiency as well?

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As of Artemis 2.4, a lower Warp/Jump Efficiency is better. The Scout, for instance, with a 0.7 warp efficiency will use 70% of the energy a Light Cruiser would use for the same warp speed. Likewise, it will only use 70% of the energy of a Light Cruiser to power its systems.

Prior to 2.4, the opposite was true. A Scout had a 1.3 efficiency rating, which means it used 77% of the power of a Light Cruiser. That rating was universal across warp, jump and power systems. Presumably that value was divided at some point in the power calculation instead of multiplied, and Thom got tired of the potential for confusion.
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