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If I alter the vessel data on the server for player ships, but not on the clients what happens?

Do the changes take affect, they don't or does the world explode?
Mike Substelny

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That's a good question. Based on mission script experience, my guess is that everything will be okay unless you refer to customized graphics files. As long as you only use files that come with the game, changine values on vesseldata.xml should be safe.
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Any changes that I made in vesselData was to all client consoles with no issue.  I just assumed it had to be to all of them and not just the server.  I will have to try it and see what happens.

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Fish Evans

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depends on what you change.

Beam arcs changed on the server will not be reflected on the client consols but the ship will get hit and take damage in reflection of what the server thinks is happening. if you referance meshes or textures not in the clients vessal data you end up with lightcruisers onthe clients screens. Stats changes to the player ships are not imediatly effective to the various consoles (so changing torpedo count takes a little while for the client to wake up to the real values) those are all the things I can think of from experance of developing the TSN Expansion.

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While I'm not sure about all potential alterations, I can tell you this from my experiments:

1) If you change the graphic model for a ship, it will only be changed on the server. Any client will see the original model.

2) You can change energy, top speed, maneuvering, and other "behind the scenes" properties, and they will show up on the client just fine. I'm assuming all performance info for ships is generated on the server, and communicated to the clients without being confirmed or loaded locally.

3) Firing arcs will act as they are defined on the server. However, they will APPEAR, to Helm and Weapons they way they are defined on the client. So the firing arcs won't match what you see visually.

4) Torpedo stores appear to be loaded by the client in some way. Messing with torpedo stores on the server will cause inconsistencies with the number that appears on the client.

5) I believe Science scan and intel info, or at least some of it, is taken from the client. So changing the name of a ship or its description on the server may not change it on the client.

Note this applies whether you edit a vessel, or replace it with something else. Ships are generated on the server, using hull and race keys, and then transferred to the client by hullID. If a hullID isn't on the client, it will generate a Light Cruiser.

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