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With thanks to some forum members that helped me think through this as well as the TSN Sandbox (for both inspiration and a bit of script), I am happy to present a script stub that allow's a ship's LR Shuttle "dock" with a space station (base).  Once there, it can load some cargo (energy, torpedoes, or a DamCon team), and return to the mother ship to unload the cargo.

The docking is just the shuttle coming to a halt right next to the station and not moving until the pilot presses a key to undock.  It is all done through keypresses, which worked fine for me through the fighter interface.  To use this in your own script you would need to find-and-replace the names of the player ship, shuttle, and station.  You could also add or change the types of cargo that the shuttle could pick up.  Or you can just load it as a mission as-is to try out the functionality.


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