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-USN Basroil
  -Crew Logs
====== BEGIN FILE CONTENT =========

Ok, ok, ok.  Apparently the pencil pushers somewhere up the chain in naval command assigned someone to make sure we turn in our mission logs.  I was blowing them off, but apparently they cut off your credits if you don't keep up on your paperwork.  Who knew!  It doesn't help to remind me I agreed to this when I signed up.  Does anyone actually read the enlistment paperwork before they sign up?  I'm sure if we did, no one would actually join up.  Accidental death or dismemberment my [CENSORED]!

So I'm about a week late turning in my report so I'll see if I can even remember what we did on the last mission.  That's a lot of blurry nights and hung over mornings between our last dock and today.  I can't even remember the names of the people who just left my bunk assignment on this station.  Hell, I can't even remember what station I'm on at the moment.

Let's see.  We were following up on some other mission which turned out to be a lame attempt at a trap by the Kraliens or the Torgoths or something like that.  Those slimy space aliens aren't the smartest in the galaxy, but got to give them credit for trying something new for once.  They also blew up the bait ship way before we got anywhere near it.  If they were trying to lure us into a trap, they had a little "premature ignition" (if you know what I mean) as soon as we showed up.

This mission I was assigned the USN Basroil.  This ship is TIGHT.  And not tight like I think it was awesome.  I'm a big guy, heck my call sign is "BigEd".  When I mean tight, I mean lycra tight.  She's built for speed and that apparently means the ship designers think we're all skinny jean wearing pencil necked tofu eating space whale watching terraforming hippies.

What was I talking about?  Oh, yeah...

So I squeezed myself into the weapons control pod and got myself as situated as I could.  I was really disappointed to find out during the weapons check we couldn't carry any nukes.  I mean, that's like diving into the sack with a [CENSORED] without a [CENSORED].

If I remember the USN Nike was taking the lead and we followed her to the edge of the sector.  The amount of commercial space traffic was re-friggin-donkulous.  How are we supposed to find anything with this many freighters clogging up the sensors.  The captain had the USN Basroil split up because we had to get real close, I mean like prayin' to the porcelain god close, to these ships in order to be able to scan them good enough to see if they had any pieces from that ship the Skaraans blew up.

Well after being reprimanded several times for acquiring weapons lock on the civvies ships I decided to take a nap.

I woke up when we suddenly came about and took off like a bio-mech after an iron rich meteor.  From what I could gather off the comms traffic, the USN Nike had found a ship with a data core from the destroyed ship and they had tucked tail and headed out of the sector.  We were helping to intercept before they could meet up with their black market arms dealer.

When they realized they were cornered, they chose to engage in aggressive (and very hostile) negotiations.  I don't remember which ship fired the final shot which resulted in their permanent surrender.  Whatever, it just means we'll pull the data core out of the vacuum of space.  I love "aggressive negotiations"!

Well, we got instructions to follow the trail to the buyer who wanted this data core.  This was my first time through a jump gate, and the experience was a bit like having your guts stretched out like the cheese on a pizza.  It took a while to recover and while my vision cleared the blips on the screen began turning red as the science geeks began scanning the sector.

There were two major fleets of enemy ships in the sector.  We split up and we took off toward Sector B5 while the USN Nike headed toward D3.

And that's when the real fun began.  We softened them up with an EMP (again I was reminded this ship didn't have nukes).  Then we zoomed through the fleet dropping off Echo 2's.  Then we charged in with a Delta 2 till we suffered too much damage to even fire back.  It seemed like my beams were only wet spaghetti noodles slapping on the side of the hulls.  Just couldn't pull enough energy through the emitters to do much damage.

We pulled back to recharge and repair.  The USN Nike must have been doing better than we were as they arrived and commenced [CENSORED] kicking.

Fortunately there was no lame surrendering, so we got to finish the job.  Much more satisfying than when they give up mid shot.

I'm afraid we messed up the hull of the ship pretty good but I think we pulled off the mission like we the brass were hoping.

When we got back to base, I was taken aside by the Fleetcom and promoted to Ensign.  What do you know?  A little promotion and some extra credits each pay cycle can't be all bad!

Ensign "BigEd" signing off

===== End of File =====


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You... decided to take a nap? I was wondering why my weapons officer suddenly stopped responding! Oh well, least it wasn't in the middle of a fight. Why, once I had my weapons officer MANY months ago bolt from the console yelling something about "THE PIZZA! I NEED TO GRAB THE PIZZA!" He forgot to log off of the station, so we had to do a forced reboot of the ship's computers to get the console operational again. We later found him sitting huddled in a corner in the food stores aboard the ship stuffing his face with bread sticks. Oddly enough, the psych report said he was still all there. Man must have been incredibly hungry that day.

The worst part, less than a minute after he ran off, we came under heavy attack, though the details of that are classified.

Captain of the USN Basroil.
"I am a leaf on the wind. Watch how I soar." - Hoban Washburne
"Give me a ship to fly and I'll make it sit up and beg, roll over (but NEVER play dead), and even do the jitterbug if you so fancy." - Unknown

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Nothing for me to do when I'm not allowed to do target acquisition practice on the friendlies.  I guess it torques off the civvies

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And I apologize for letting my dogs onto the bridge.
Captain -  TSN Belisarius BS-108
"Pax per consilia et maxime armis." -  "Rescindentes venator ad venationem." 

(Deane Geiken)

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I like the officer from planet K9. The USN welcomes all Sentient species.... Helpful if they can speak Terran Common though. Didn't know what he was saying... woof woof woof.
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