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This has been brought up before, but to my knowledge it was mostly about using a PS3 controller.  I found a nice little program called DS4Windows that lets your PS4 controller plug into a Windows computer and act as a controller.

Here's the configuration file (XML).

In the past, I played with changing up the controls.ini file to match the controller inputs. This time, I decided to approach it from the other direction--to map the default keyboard controls to buttons on the DS4.

I'm attaching my config file. Basic controls are as follows:
  • Left analog stick: Turn right and left, pitch up and down. Click to reset rudder to center.
  • Right analog stick: Up to increase warp, down to reduce warp, click to set warp to 0. Right/left don't do anything.
  • L2: Warp down
  • R2: Warp up
  • L1 Trigger: Impulse down
  • R1 Trigger: Impulse up
  • Directional Pad: Change main viewscreen to forward (up), back (down), left and right.
  • Triangle: Toggle reverse
  • Circle: Toggle shields
  • X: Select closest (in case you might want to play both Helm and weapons; this is untested)
  • Square: Request Dock
  • Share: Main Screen Tactical
  • PS: Main Screen Sector
  • Options: Main Screen Status
  • The touchpad controls the mouse on the screen, if you need that for whatever reason.
I tried playing with steering using the Sixaxis gyro, but it proved too touchy. I also commented out a bunch of Joystick stuff in controls.ini; not sure if I needed to, but I think it might have been interfering.

After getting used to this, I can't fly any other way! If you try this config out, let me know how it works for you.

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Nice!  That's a slick setup.
Note - this is in no way intended to be an official position of Thom or Artemis, as I am not an official representative of the creator or game.
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