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I haven't found whether this is possible or not. Is it possible to include the value of a variable inside text? E.g. where you have variables storing coordinates and you want to send to send those coordinates to comms
Xavier Wise

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Yep, this is possible. Just write the variable name in your comms text message and bracket it with |


Artemis, we have |marinevariable| battle-ready marines to be deployed.

The 'marinevariable' is the name of a set variable in the script and will be recalled to replace the entered text. In mission,say marinevariable=6, then the message would read:

Artemis, we have 6 battle-ready marines to be deployed.

I can post proper code samples from my mission script if you need.

Fleet Captain Xavier Wise - TSN Sabre
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Thanks. I think I can handle it with what you showed. I'm looking at using anomalies for the "side quests" and wanted a way to send messages about where they were.
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