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I'm heading to a gaming convention with my Artemis bridge and the organizers are overjoyed
that Artemis will be available to the players there. It will be the 1st time I deploy my bridge
at a large event and I need a bit of info on a technical aspect.

The thing is, I have never used a flight stick on my bridge for the Helm position, and I don't own a flight stick. I asked the gaming convention organizers for one but they don't have one either  [bawl]

However, they said they would supply me with one console controller (like, X-box) that connects via a USB port. So, do you think that could work ?

Also, I have no idea if there is any controller setup I must do for Artemis to use the  flight stick or controller for the game. What do I need to know ? Do I just plug in the controller and that's it ?

And, how to I tell Artemis which controller button does what ?

Thanks for your fast replies.


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First of all, this page on the wiki should answer all your questions:

Second, to answer your question, for the most part a joystick is just plug and play in Artemis. The controls.ini file should already be configured for a joystick, unless you have edited it to comment out those settings. (Because they interfered with keyboard gameplay)

For Helm, pushing the joystick (or left analog stick on a Xbox/PSx controller) left or right should turn the ship left or right. Pushing it forward will increase Impulse and back will stop and eventually reverse. Up to four buttons on the controller (the four face buttons for Xbox and PSx) will activate Warp 1 through 4. That is all by default.

If you have an Xbox-like controller, though, you're going to want to modify controls.ini so that the various buttons activate different functions, instead of running through the Warp factors. You may even want to do that with a standard flight stick, so that you can raise shields, request docking, and come to a full stop with stick buttons, as well as bump Warp up/down instead of setting it to an absolute speed. Otherwise, you will still have to use the keyboard for those functions.

If you have a joystick with a throttle, then you will want to use that for forward/reverse thrust and not up/down on the stick. You can edit controls.ini (it will indicate where to uncomment lines, and comment out the first ANALOG_THROTTLE) to set up/down to make the ship climb and dive. Most Xbox-like setups will want to use the left stick for climb/dive as well, and the right stick for increase/decrease thrust.

For fighters, again, the standard setup should work fine. Joystick left/right should make the fighter roll, and up/down will climb/dive. If your flight stick twists, you can make the fighter yaw, meaning it will turn left and right without rolling. (The way the main ship does) However, if you don't have the ability to yaw, it isn't actually a problem, you can roll the fighter onto its side, and pull back on the stick to make it turn. This is more consistent with the way players expect a plane to fly in an atmosphere, except a plane doesn't require you to pull back on the stick, you bank automatically. You can also use the keyboard buttons A and D to turn left and right, if the stick doesn't twist.

Button 0 (usually the trigger on the stick) will fire the beam, button 1 will boost, 2 brakes and 3 and 4, if they exist, launch missiles and dock with the home ship, respectively. Note there are buttons on the screen which duplicate those functions, so you only need a joystick with up/down/left/right and three buttons. If you have a throttle, it's possible to set it up with JoyToKey or a similar program to boost and brake, which means you can use those buttons for missiles and docking. You don't really need any more buttons than that, though.

As for a Xbox/PSx controller, while by default the left stick would not "twist", you can redefine the yaw control to use the right stick. Or you can use the left stick to turn left and right, or use the left/right trigger buttons. (Which are buttons 4 and 5)

Anyway, I would actually suggest going to the Artemis wiki and downloading the controls.ini file and possibly the JoyToKey configuration file for your available controller. If you don't know which one you will be getting, just download them all, and rename the correct one at the event. It will always be possible to play using the touchscreen or keyboard interface, in case the Helm player doesn't like the joystick setup. A fighter can be played with the keyboard, too, although there's really no reason not to use a joystick or controller on that console, if you have one.

If you want to experiment with the setup, the controls.ini files you can download are a good place to start. It can help you understand which joystick buttons map to which values in controls.ini. Keep in mind, though, some of these button bindings will only work with JoyToKey. So you may have to experiment even further if you try to use another keybinding app. In particular, the directional pad and second set of shoulder buttons (the triggers) seem to be unreadable by controls.ini, requiring JoyToKey to map them to another keypress.


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EVERYTHING of what ryleyra said!

That wiki page and its control settings are an EXCELLENT setup, and is what I'm using on our bridge. We have three Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Flight Sticks which are VERY nice for the $50 price tag. 

Here are a couple hotshot fighters from Con Nooga 2018 -- they even had their own theme music. Skip to 1:46.

Visit us at

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Thanks guy for the infos, I will check all of that immediately !  [biggrin]
Cap Naes

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A few years ago I posted a bunch of text files that contained coding for different joystick or gamepad use in artemis. I use them on the fly to overwite my controls.ini files when swapping joysticks, etc. I haven't checked with the new version, but they should still work. Just pick the file you want (x-box one in your case), rename it to controls.ini and overwrite the original in the artemis file on the specific machine you are using the controller on. (keep the original incase there is a bug in the new version. In that case you should be able to copy over the commands I have changed as indicated in each file.)

Here's the thread:


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Hello people, things are looking great, thanks for your help !

I have started a new thread because I need a bit more help to fine tune my configs.ini file:

Thanks for visiting.

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What Lawson said, above.  I bought a $30 ThrustMaster joystick of Amazon several years ago.  Still using it for Helm*.  Plug and play, not fancy configuration.  When Fighters came out {2+ years ago} I discovered that it didn't "twist" and the change in the Controls.INI file to stop continuous rolling.  Back on Amazon, found the ThrustMaster T-Flight X {again, for ~$30 each}.  These "can be" plug-and-play, but I modify the Controls.INI file to make the buttons more to my comfort level.  
* and it shows the usage....    

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