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Has anyone run up against an upper limit on the number of events you can put in a mission script? I read that they are all loaded in memory, so I assume there's *some* finite limit I just wonder if anyone has hit it yet.

Xavier Wise

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The TSN Sandbox is, quite frankly, huge. It have 3000+ events and the file size is measured in megabytes. I would say the majority of mission scripts out there are smaller than it (if not all but one or two). It has been run for hours on end without issue.
Captain Xavier Wise TSN Raven (BC-014)
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The upper limit is probably not size, but performance. Since each defined event must be executed in each loop of the mission script, more events takes more processing power to finish before the end of the cycle. I suspect a really big mission can get bogged down on older systems.

However, Xavier has never reported an issue with the Sandbox, so I assume the scripting system works fine for even moderately powerful systems. It might help to use reusable code in your scripts as much as you possibly can, and I keep hoping Thom will come out with a system that will let you chain a mission file from a running mission, but for now that doesn't seem likely.
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