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I have heard that some groups use Isolinear chips to allow a crew to "purchase" upgrades before they play and then they can redeem the purchased upgrades at some point during the game.  I am wondering what upgrades did you use and how much did you charge for them.
Angel of Rust

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I have not experienced that concept, but it sounds like fun.

At Armada, the random mission generator button was a riot. For new players, perhaps drawing an isolinear chip with a set of mission parameters would be interesting. Could be used as part of a role playing plot device.

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No personal experience with it but If I were running the convention I would simply equate the iso chips to boosts to the ship through the customize screen.

Set the player ship as standard cruiser and all systems at 100 percent but set the scanners to not be unlimited. Then if a player turns in or activates the upgrade prior to the start of the mission then the ship would be upgraded, could be per system or could be in model. So if you have 2 chips, one for turning speed and one for model upgrade you would effectively change the ship from a cruiser to a battleship and increase the turning rate to 125% or something similar.
Mike Substelny

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The "Isolinear Chips" were made by Brian in 2014 to sell at Gencon. They were laser etched/cut from a sheet of clear acrylic. Each was about the size of a 9 volt battery, so one sheet yielded a LOT of chips and they cost pennies to produce. I don't seem to have a photo of one but I may have an actual physical specimen packed away somewhere.

Brian planned to sell them at GenCon to crews before their missions. They were the reason that Thom added the new anomalies back then: Carapaction Coils, Secret Code Cases, Vigoranium Nodules, High Density Power Cells, Infusion P-Coils, Tauron Focusers, Lateral Arrays, and Cetrocite Crystals. The plan was that if a player wanted an advantage they could toss in an Isolinear Chip and buy that advantage from the Game Master. For example, Science might buy a "Lateral Array" chip. At any point in the game they could cash in that chip and the Game Master would drop a Lateral Array on the ship. Thereafter Science could activate it and instant scan unknown ships for five minutes.

If the player didn't use the chip they had a nifty souvenir of their Artemis adventure.

I didn't attend Gencon so I don't know how this worked out, and Brian no longer participates in the Artemis community. But I believe his plan was to sell the Isolinear chips for $1 each, or 6 for $5, or a grab bag of 15 random chips for $10.

I further believe that Brian wanted something he called a Vanguard Refit, which would be a permanent upgrade to the ship. If you want to do something like this in the TNG mod, you might consider making Excelsior the free ship, but for a few bucks they can defend the Federation with a Galaxy or a Sovereign (or something like that).

"The Admiralty had demanded six ships; the economists offered four; and we finally compromised on eight."
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Yeah, from what I can tell the actual Upgrades were never accessible to "ordinary" players, but they are all listed behind the Upgrade screen. (You can see "Vanguard Refit" in the list) The anomaly effects were a small subset of what was and presumably is available. If I'm right, the code is still there, it just needs an interface to be accessed. (I don't see why the Game Master shouldn't be able to do it. Maybe Thom can include a scripting command to activate an Upgrade)
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