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Xavier Wise

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After the TSN Armada Online, a couple of people expressed an interest in the live mission scripting that took place.

I had a go yesterday creating some more live mission scripting videos for the TSN Sandbox, working on different bits of the sandbox as I go. Basically, it was just a video of me writing the Sandbox script.

If anyone is interested in watching, I have set up a playlist on the TSN RP Community YouTube channel. Feel free to jump on and take a look! I will be doing more in the future when I script if people are viewing and enjoying it.

If you do want to see something in particular with the Sandbox (e.g. how a feature works), then you can ask in the live stream chat, or post a questions here.

Anyway, check it out and tell me what you think!

Fleet Captain Xavier Wise - TSN Sabre
Link to TSN RP Community website
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