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Xavier Wise

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The TSN Sandbox Version 8 is now released. The link at the start of this topic will allow you to download the Sandbox, as it just links to a master file.

Many of the key features in the Sandbox have been tested and should be working fine. There may be a couple of bugs in the Jump Gate transitions though, so if you intend to GM and have a crew move from system to system, it is worth checking the jump gates work first. If you do come across any bugs, please let me know and I will get them sorted asap.

With this latest version, you can now use any ship name you wish. Crews are no longer restricted to using the predefined ship names.

I shall start another thread when I have chance to separate from this thread (I had already typed one but it was marked as spam - too many links used!)

Anyway, for now, you can download the Sandbox by clicking the original link.


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