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I was looking through the vesselData.xml file and for TSN Medium Carrier, I noticed the following:

<carrierload fighter="5" bomber="2"/>

I couldn't find the bombers...after starting Artemis, on the Carrier fighter console screen, I see 5 fighters.

Just to make sure, I launched all 5 fighters quickly, firing, and each fired torpedoes, no bombs (or mines).

How do I access the bombers or is this still in development?

Thanks kindly.

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Found the answer for both the Carrier and Medium Carrier...


Quote from the linked page:  "The Carrier is also designed to work with 2 bombers, but the TSN Bomber is still in development."

I should've checked the wiki first! [smile]

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Heheh. Of course, that post on the wiki was written by myself. There is no official word on the subject (I don't think) but I added an in-universe explanation for world building purposes.

The truth is that the new fighters are somewhat incomplete. Thom is still developing the concept, and he plans to include bombers eventually. There are no details, but I theorize that the bomber will be a larger fighter, perhaps making use of a pilot AND a (tail?) gunner. The bomber may also carry a mine instead of missiles, allowing it to be used for bombing runs.

Mike Substelny has confirmed that the gunner position has been discussed. When I think of a "bomber", though, I think of dropped munitions. But that doesn't really have an relevance in space, where there is no "dropping". A mine is essentially a nuke shot out of the back of the ship. [biggrin]

What is more intriguing to me is the possibility that Thom could provide a means of defining a fighter type, like "fighter", "bomber", "shuttle", "heavy fighter" or whatever, and provide a fighter for each type. That would allow us to create our own custom fighters. Otherwise, we will be forced to alter the fighters we are given. If there's a variety, though, that should be enough. I very much think a "shuttle" should be defined which is available on ALL ships. It would be unarmed or lightly armed, and used for non-combat missions.


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I have used a solo scout (or a two man scout) as a heavy fighter/bomber when a crew of newer players pick up a missile cruiser.
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And I'll note that now that there are two player races with their own unique fighters (even though the Ximni fighter is identical to the TSN one) it is possible to define a new race, give them a carrier and a fighter, and make the fighters "bombers". They can't drop mines (only homing torps can be assigned to fighters at this time, and yes I did try [biggrin]) but you can make them big and slow and double or triple the number of missiles.

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Speaking of Fighter modifications, attached is my artemis/dat/vesselData.xml file.


  1. Dreadnought "long desc" now indicates it includes fighters.
  2. Carrier "long desc" now indicates it includes fighters and bombers.
  3. New ships created so that optionally you can always have a fighter station in use.
  • Light Cruiser Fighter (1 Fighter strapped to hull)
  • Battleship Fighter (2 Fighters)
  • Missile Cruiser Fighter (2 Fighters)
  • Mine Layer Fighter (2 Fighters)

All ships are stock, except the addition of fighters.

This came about because the ships with fighters (Carrier, Dreadnought, Juggernaut) are in my humble opinion, too powerful for inexperienced crews.  I want new crews to take out the cruiser without it being too high of a skill level.  This allows a good balance of risk without the game becoming too complex.

This also came about because I currently have one fighter station and wanted to keep that station filled regardless of the TSN ship.  During a recent 9 hour Artemis event, it went really well for both the unexperienced and experienced players.

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Repeating my suggestion above, you might define a new player race, you can call it "TSN" because you can have duplicate race names, but make the number 8 or 9, and put all the carriers and the TSN fighter in that race category. Then create a new fighter, name it "TSN Shuttle" and add it for the original TSN race. (0) Add your fighters to the ships as stated.

Now all the original ships will launch your custom shuttle instead of a fighter. You can remove all the missiles, and even remove the beam if you want to make it unarmed. I'd just cut the damage in half, though, that way the person at that console can contribute to the battle, but won't be overpowered.

As I said, I think a "shuttle" will help ease players who aren't comfortable with the Dreadnought or Light Cruiser into the Fighter console. One thing I would like to see which isn't possible currently is shuttles serving as a drone defense for the Missile Cruiser. Right now, fighters can't target drones, so they can't provide that function, but once that issue is overcome, I think shuttles would make great point defense.

I also think shuttles would be perfect for scientific or resource gathering missions. Once features like that are implemented in Artemis, I hope we get shuttles. And the carrier ships should get both fighters and shuttles. (Carriers should get shuttles, fighters AND bombers)
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