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Fish Evans

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The N'tarni, homeless and woundering the USFP as refugees, nomades and scavengers. Thiere homeworld torn asunder due to an ambitious project that whent horibley wrong, creating what is commonly known as "the space monster". Join the 4th Light Division as they explore the Euphine Expanse in the hopst of locateing a sutible planet for coloniseation, deal with pirate raids, set up infrastructre, survey astroid fields and find hither to unfound Alien artifacts.

Every Saterday at 21:00 BST, 16:00 EDT, 13:00 EDT
meet on TS3 Server

New members are advised to arrive aproximatly 30 min early so we can help set you up with our Expansion pack.
Xavier Wise

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Check out the latest developments on our forums. Here's the first briefing to the 4th Light Division:

Xavier watches the final officers arrive and take their seat. He looks around at each before beginning.

First of all, thank you all for the hard work you’ve been putting in repairing battle damage and drilling your crews for our next mission.

Holding up a datapad, Xavier continues.

Command have sent me our new deployment orders. We are heading back into the Euphini Expanse.

Placing the pad down on the table, Xavier pauses briefly.

The latest incursion by the hegemony forced Command to suspend operations in the Euphini Expanse until now. All the facilities there had been powered down and left until the a date to be decided. Today is that date. The 4th Light Division will be entering the Expanse with the aim of reactivating the base of operations and systems already deployed there.

Tapping a few controls on the conference table, a star chart appears above the table. Displayed is a chart, titled “Euphini Sector XIII”. On the chart, a Danae jump point is indicated, and a TSN designation “CP-27X”. Xavier gestures to the map as he continues to speak.

Our base of operations will be this command post. We will make a jump from Danae system into the expanse and secure the sector, deploying marines and an engineering team to secure and reactivate the systems aboard the station.

As you are aware from our last exploration of the Euphini Expanse, there are several communication buoys and sensor relays already deployed through some of the expanse. We will need to locate these and reactive them too. It is likely that they will have drifted somewhat, so we’ll have to locate them with scouting runs. Our primary goal will be to find and activate those within the immediate vacinity of the command post and gate. This will greatly increase our early warning capability should any pirate forces within the area get too close.

Xavier taps a few more keys on the table and the map disappears.

There is a reason command wants us back in the Expanse and why we need to be ready to deploy now: the N’Tani.

As you know, the N’Tani have negotiated a peace with the USFP. The USFP have agreed to assist them find a new home; a home in the Euphini Expanse. Once we have established a base, a contingent of N’Tani will join us in order to help us assess potential planets for them to colonize. According to reports, there should be plenty to take a look at within the expanse. Our mission then will be to expand our knowledge of the Expanse and find a new homeworld for the N’Tani.

This is going to be a long hard mission, but one we are prepared for. Command has organised a convoy of supplies to come through the gate on a regular basis, but there are “storms” that come and go at irregular intervals, disrupting the Danae/Euphini jump point and potentially disrupting the gate systems. We’ll have to manage our resources carefully and make sure we are not overstretched.

Are there any questions?

Xavier finishes, taking a seat and awaiting questions and discussion from the other officers around the table.

Fleet Captain Xavier Wise - TSN Sabre
Link to TSN RP Community website
Fish Evans

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With the Exploration getting under way, the discovery of a Primitive race beeing used as cheap labour by Pirates and a gas giant rich in He3 to fule our ships our 6th season is just getting started! we had a particualy good attendence this week just look:

New Bitmap Image (3).png 

33 Players and 6 Ships in action

New Bitmap Image (ss).jpg 
TSN Raven Allegiance Class Battle Cruiser (red) flanked by TSN Viper - Apollo Class Light Cruser (Green), the TSN Phoenix - Artimes Class Light Cruiser (Pink). The TSN Lancer an Inteceptor Class (far right) and the TSN Horizon an Valkyrie Class Light Cruiser (Left Back)


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Terran Stellar Navy, Second Space Fleet, Fourth Light Division is waiting for YOU !

Terran Stellar Navy Personel File 034851.5341

Second Space Fleet, 4th Light Division.
Lieutenant Junior Cr00ve

Serving on the "TSN Hunter"

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