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Engineering Log, Lt. Verok, Stardate 28215.2236

The TSN Hunter’s role in the Euphini expanse continued to be to provide long-range scanning support to the fleet today, detecting enemy fleets in the sector and relaying that information to the rest of the fleet. However, a special secondary task was given to the Hunter to locate the drifting wreckage of the TSN Falcon in the hopes that it could be retrieved and repaired.

As the Hunter entered the general area of where the Falcon was abandoned, science was unable to detect any obvious signs of its location. I dispatched a technical team to the lateral sensor relays on deck 2 to see if we could filter out interference from the surrounding asteroids. After some fine tuning was applied, the remains of the Falcon were spotted on the sensors.

As the sensor telemetry began coming in, the first officer ordered me to analyze the results of the scans of the Falcon to determine its state. Frankly, after seeing the visual of the Falcon, I really didn’t expect that there was much there other than scrap metal. Amazingly, most critical systems were still intact. The forward section had a multi-deck hull breach that had caused much of the upper decks of the saucer section to decompress once emergency forcefields had failed. There was significant damage to most sections of the outer hull, most likely due to weapons fire. There were also signs of micro-crystalline damage to sections of the hull that indicates the use of high-powered tractor beams. The nacelle struts showed signs of torsional stress, but were essentially in good shape. The nacelle housings were also intact.

I was only able to analyze the sensor telemetry for the exterior scans initially. The interior scans, especially of the engineering section, were inconclusive. This is most likely due to emergency bulkhead doors being sealed and large amounts of debris. Once the towing vessel was in place, and the tractor beam was engaged, the energy reception ports were able to draw enough power from the tractor beams to activate the Falcon’s emergency power systems. I established a data uplink to the Falcon’s main computer, which was barely functional. This allowed activation of internal sensors, which revealed that the engineering section was surprisingly in good shape. The warp core and impulse reactors were still in a functional state, although all power from the primary systems had been drained. Luckily, most of the damage was limited to the forward hull. If those pirate vessels had gotten a lucky hit or two near the warp-plasma conduits in the aft section before the power systems went offline, the Falcon would likely have been vaporized from a warp core breach, and may have also taken out the crew’s escape pods as well.

While the Hunter assisted with escort duties while the Falcon was being towed, I completed my damage report and relayed this information back to the newly constructed Euphini shipyards. Even though our supplies in Euphini are quite limited, the local asteroids are rich with ore that will allow the shipyard to build hull plating. It’s possible that we may have to request additional supply shipments from the Atlantis or Prometheus systems. If that is the case, it may delay repairs on the Falcon due to the distance.

As of the time of filing this report, we have received assistance from several other TSN crews from ships docked at the Euphini shipyard that were willing to help out with damage control on the Falcon. We hope that this increased repair effort will speed up the process significantly, and will result in the Falcon being battle-ready sooner than expected.

---End Log---

Xavier Wise

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Excellent log Lieutenant, very well written. Lets hope we can get the Falcon at least partially operational!
Fleet Captain Xavier Wise - TSN Sabre
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