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Today was an eventful day for the Hunter. After a couple of fairly standard fleet simulations, we had just gotten into our 3rd simulation and the station's klaxons sounded calling the crew to battlestations. Multiple fleets of pirates were converging on the shipyard and we were scrambled to our ships to defend. While it was intense a few times, the invading fleet was dealt with fairly quickly.

Upon reporting back to the shipyard, I received a message from Captain Hennry Mackintosh from the TSAF Asimov. Apparently the Bradfield had been sent on a special mission to retrieve the wreckage from one of the pirate's "Axe" class ships back to the shipyard for analysis, which we think is what triggered the ambush. I don't think the pirates liked the idea of us having one of their ships that was this much intact. The Asimov had requested that all engineers from the TSN ships currently docked at the shipyard to report there immediately.

I ran into Ensign Franklin Splints from the Hunter on the way to the transporter room. Yet again, the engineering specialists from the Hunter were being called to action. He was as surprised as I was that we would actually have the chance to look at a pirate ship like this, especially since most had been destroyed and were not salvageable. We later found out that this particular ship was unable to self-destruct due to a lucky shot by a TSN weapons officer that managed to disable the device. The ship had drifted into an asteroid field and was discovered by a sensor scan of the region recently.

Upon boarding the Asimov, we were nearly in shock to see the cargo bay floor covered with salvaged components from various pirate ships. Apparently, the Bradfield and several other ships had been collecting these components for some time, and upon discovering an intact hull, it was decided to see of the TSN could actually get one working. Our assignment was a daunting one - piece together a pirate ship from various scrap components. It was like assembling a jigsaw puzzle.

Luckily the computer core on this newly discovered ship was in fairly good shape, and the Asimov was able to recover technical schematics of quite a few systems. After getting our assignment briefing, we proceeded to begin repairing and installing critical systems components aboard the pirate vessel. I was actually surprised how well designed some of these systems were. The pirates had been stealing technology and combining the best systems from each of their encounters to come up with some fairly solid designs. I especially wanted to get a look at their weapons arrays. While sometimes under-powered compared to a light cruiser, their beam array's ability to fire so rapidly has often led to some serious damage on TSN ships. If there was any way to adapt their systems to our ships, this would be the opportunity to learn as much as I could.

After some pretty serious repair work, systems began coming online on the pirate ship. We spent quite a bit of time bringing some systems up to TSN spec, others were already at or above our standards. It was quite satisfying to see the status displays on the bridge showing systems 100% functional.

After all of this, I couldn't help but wonder why were spending so much time and effort to actually build a pirate ship. If we just wanted the technology, the salvaged components would have been sufficient. As I was heading back to the airlock to return to the Asimov, I overheard some officers in the corridor talking about some kind of a stealth mission. Is the TSN planning some kind of "behind the lines" mission to finally push the pirates out of the Euphini sector? It will be interesting to find out. But in the mean time, I've downloaded copies of the technical schematics from the pirate ship to the Hunter. With the captain's permission, I think there are a few upgrades I'd like to try out.




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These just keep getting better! Thanks for declassifying your logs for us...
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