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Xavier Wise

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Some people were asking for the sandbox script that we used for the TSN Armada Online. I have linked to the GitHub below if anyone is interested in downloading it.

This  GM script is a modified TSN Sandbox script, which will work with the basic (unmodded) Artemis game. It has extensive GM controls, custom Communications menu options and a number of other additions for player interaction.

I likely won't be developing this script much as any scripting work I do is primarily on the TSN Sandbox. However, I may update it from time to time when I have the opportunity to adapt the TSN Sandbox to the stock game. If you want to know more about the TSN Sandbox, you can view videos on the TSN RP Community YouTube channel (, or check out the forum posts in the Mission Scripting sub-forum.

I will try and make some bug fixes if required (throw me a comment below) and tweak the gates so they look a bit more "aesthetically pleasing".


  • No ships are spawned when the script is run on the server. To spawn a ship in game, select a "Main Screen" option on the client, start the server, and then cycle the "Ready to Play" option on the client. YOu can spawn more ships by selecting a "Main Screen" for that ship and cycling the "Ready to Play" option.
  • Ships can be any name.
  • Any ship slot can be used. You do not necessarily need to spawn ship 1 in game.
  • If there are no buttons displayed on the GM console when connected, wait. The first "Activate" button cycles every 30 seconds or so. A "Reboot" button also cycles every minute or so in case the GM is disconnected or crashes.
  • Check out the TSN RP Community YouTube channel for videos about Game Master controls in the Sandbox (this will be for the FULL TSN Sandbox version, but may still be relevant for this version as well).
  • Report bugs by posting below.

Fleet Captain Xavier Wise - TSN Sabre
Link to TSN RP Community website

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Thank you very much for sharing!
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