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Xavier Wise

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Some screenshots of a recent action, conducted by the 4th Light Division. These are the views I had on my captain's map at various points during the mission. In total, we had five ships operational and were conducting a mission as part of our current story arc in the TSN RP Community.

Mission Objective - Engage hostile forces in the Erebus system and secure enemy bases.

Screenshot 2016-09-03 22.39.48.png
Moving in formation, the Division deploys to engage the enemy in the adjacent sector.

Screenshot 2016-09-03 22.46.12.png
The Division engages. TSN Raven maintains position by TSN Viper whilst the Viper deploys marines to capture the base. TSN Horizon and TSN Phoenix engages enemy formations in Grid B4. TSN Lancer engages enemies in B2 in order to distract and delay, destroying enemies where possible.

Screenshot 2016-09-03 23.31.16.png    
The next sector. TSN Raven and TSN Viper move in formation to capture base L-70 in Grid C3. TSN Horizon and TSN Phoenix have been ordered to engage enemies in Grid B2 and capture the base G-01. The TSN Lancer is away from the main action, visually identifying other targets within the sector.

Fleet Captain Xavier Wise - TSN Sabre
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Good pics, thanks for posting them, Xavier!  #StrikeLikeAViper
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Yes, great pics indeed. Thanks for posting. I thought the new formations worked out well. It will be nice to see us once the fleet learns to come together quicker.
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