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Captains Log Terran Stellar Auxiliary Forces Construction Ship Asimov Stardate 70315.2236

Those Damnable Pirates are at it again. The Asimov  was attacked whilst the 4th Light Division were out exploring, the Surprise and Vengeance managed to distract the attacking forces long enough for the Division to return to fight them off.. some of the Pirate groups appear to have some rudimentary knowledge of fleet engagements as well. Its seems they are learning. Still they were fought off without to much issue. Of course it resulted in a shortened time on station in sector 9 for the light division but considering what we found there its perhaps not a bad thing.

Sector 9 is a graveyard of ships, Pirate hulls kerlian debris, even what appeared to be a skaren were all recorded on sensor logs, and the reason.. well there are three currently doing the rounds..

The first theory is “Diogenes arcladytes” otherwise known as the space monster. the Nebular appears to be some sort of migration point for them. we recorded one clear case of a space monster apparently jumping in. sensor readings from the advanced sensor suite on the rebuilt falcon have indicated that the nebular is a possible… I would say probable Class One Jumpoint Exit. The science team is taking there time on the analysis of the sensor readings. Idealy they want a few more scans. We also detected a possibly linked anomaly unfortunately the TSN Hunter was the only one that got close enough to get any scans and frankly the reduced sensor resolution due to the nebular has left us with only some basic information.

The second theory is that the N’tar are responsible. we haven't been able to open communications with them though the last message was partially translatable. no one really knows what it means though.

Danger. Smelly. Feet. Energy. Wind. Terminus. Our folly.

Some say they were warning us off the nebular because of the space monsters, some say that they dont like our drive emissions, personally I am not sure.. Energy Wind Terminus.. could be a reference to the jump point exit though. there is a lively debate on what this all means.. however the TSN Phoenix did witness the N’tar ship it was shadowing .. this time probably a warship of some sort; eat or destroy a space monster.. so far NOTHING the TSN knows about can destroy a space monster, this leads to some frightening possible conclusions, we know they are on friendly terms with the pirates. what does that mean for us?

of course this is all rather overshadowed by the third possibility. During the Long Bar conflict on several occasions Skaren ships were found towing space monsters in an effort to weaponize them. The TSN Mercury and Guardian were almost defeated by an assault of skarens, with shields that could apparently withstand a monsters attack. fortunately the humble EMP torpedo disrupted the ships shields long enough for the monster to have lunch. We have found a Skaren research outpost along with a medium defensive base formation in sector nine.. the hegemony ships we saw were consistent with a krelian defense operation and we were able to maintain operational security, we know about them.. they don't know about us. I get the feeling the Research base may hold the key to the off the chart shield hardness ratings we have seen on a few of their ships. of course they are not going to be handing them over willingly and whilst a light division could easily flatten the bases, the security teams of a TSN vessel are not numerous enough to ensure a quick and decisive victory in an assault on a station

TSN Command at the request of Fleet Captain Xavior is sending a troop ship the TSAF Pavonis to join us as a new fleet Auxiliary, it comes with a full two companies of Marines and their equipment 502 extra mouths to feed might put a stain on our rations but they represent the best possibility of us taking the research station with its information intact. The Long Bar Treaty also gives us the right to take out any fixed Hegemony bases in this region of space without warning. I hope Major Mallory and his Marines are up to the challenge.

One final note.. one of the wrecks was an almost intact Pirate Axe class, there are plans in the works for the Bradfield to tow this wreck back to the Asimov, it will certainly be good to see the inside of such a ship much intel may be found on her.

Personal Log <REDACTED>

the Hegemony.. dam them dam them to hell. I was in New Babylon the day the 1st Arvoinen wing swept in and forced the evacuation of the entire planet. 1 Million evacuees in 26 hours, an utterly superhuman feat that I still remember. and the day my Henrietta lost her real right arm.. panic smoke.. I thought I would be free of the Hegemony in the expanse.. but no.. they slink in the shadows even here, some times.. not often but sometimes I think the Unukalhai have the right idea… ah who am I kidding some of my best crewmen are non human, and the stories of the pro human Unukalhai turn my stomach the holocaust of the second world war on earth pales to some of the stories. No.. I am not like that.. but there are days like today that I feel their hatred in my own thoughts.. computer delete personal log entry.
Terran Stellar Navy Auxiliary Forces Construction Ship Asimov
You need it, we build it!
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