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Captains Log Terren Stellar Auxiliary Forces Construction Ship Asimov Stardate 280215.2236

Success! of a sort anyway, The TSN Falcon was successfully located by the TSN Hunter, and escorted back to the newly established Mobile Shipyard. Unfortunately the Falcon has a micro fracture developing in its core containment system. one that is only a hairs breadth away from failing to meet minimum safety standards and whilst we could repair it. It would take weeks and the Aegis Class Battleships have been earmarked for refit and re-assignment to the Battle divisions, one thing the Longbar conflict taught us was that we did not have enough heavy hitters in our frontline battle groups. I have sent a report to TSN Admiralty and I fear that BS-042 will be recalled to Port Arthur, the nearest Fortress Base and Class 4 Jump Point. That will leave the 4th Light Division under strength. Having said that the crew of the Falcon and other members have put there back into repairs to the Falcon and whilst Its days may be numbered it will hopefully be operational soon.

On the other hand the Pirates have gone quiet.. after we rescued the Falcon hull Comms traffic in sector 5 spiked and then dropped to nill. we have however discovered a little more about this mysterious Penwrath. Pirates caught by the TSN Hunter nearly two weeks ago finally struck a bargain for their lives in exchange for information. The Pirate Syndicate is an alliance of pirate groups, nearly 40 of them all told that have agreed to a certain level of cooperation in the expanse.. life is hard out here with no mainline stations, but it was safe from law enforcement. so they banded together, the Penwrath Corporation is the most influential of these Pirate groups and have several “Dreadnought” class ships along with ownership of 7 out of the 10 Pirate bases in Euphini.. unfortunately we have been unable to find the location of any of the 10 but we have destroyed one of them in sector 5, they are apparently all stealthed to an extent and are scattered throughout the expanse. We also know that the Pirates have been in diplomatic contact with a race called the N’tani or N’tar the pirates have negotiated docking rights at these stations as well apparently

In an effort to distinguish our TSN ships from the many captured or stolen TSN vessels and equipment that happened at the end of the war to perhaps distinguish ourselves to the N’tani, my research on “ship art” has yielded results. I discovered that nose art on TSN ships is permitted at the CO’s discretion under some old but never repealed reg’s so we have started to paint the names and emblems of the 4th light division ships on the hulls of each ship. A competition is being held to design logos for each ship… by “We” I mean Leading crewman Williams, he was caught red handed creating a fresco of the first officer on deck 20, storage section K. He has been positively identified as the culprit of several frescos around the ship and has been sentenced to single handedly do the dog work on the 4th Divisions hulls, judging by his skills it is a very fitting punishment. Supplies are down to level 5 on the raw materials front I have placed a request for an additional raw material run in 3 weeks

Personal Log

Poor Williams, I cant say that it was a smart idear to paint the first officer in drag but he has been acting like a holo-actress having a hissy fit of late, I suspect if he had seen it he would of turned the Asimov upside down looking for the miscreant, fortunately the bousen having had suspicions followed and caught Williams and uh unofficially informed me of the latest masterpiece. Williams crossed the line and he knows it and as he is technically a civilian my option of actions were fairly limited if he had been navy he would be in the brig, I think a little community service will help get his feelings out.. under supervision of course!

The unknown Presumably N’tani ship analysis continues, we have no official results but two sticking things seem to of appeared the ships were definitely Grown using either nanobots, a chemical, or organic process the latter being the most likely. And we have Identified a crystalline structure at the core.. the seed if you will that is shockingly close to that of a space monster. Are they harvesting them? are they growing them? Are Space Monster N’tari ships growing? are the N’Tari controlling the space monsters?… the more this analysis progresses the more questions that come to light. The ship we saw was tiny… but… no we need rational facts not speculation.

I enclose an image of the 4th light division ships getting some new paint, this is one memory of the expanse I will be happy to remember!

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Terran Stellar Navy Auxiliary Forces Construction Ship Asimov
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I like how you guys have kept it in the same style. Pass on a salute to Maurice for me.

Could also be used as a massive jump ship to jump other starships to knew systems/sectors.
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