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Captains Log Terran Stellar Auxiliary Forces Construction Ship Asimov Stardate 210215.2236

Pirates! They have been long the problem in the Expanse, conducting raids into TSN space but we had no idea they were working as more than independents! It seems that they saw the TSN coming and have put together a rather successful Defensive plan. The TSN Falcon Now lies drifting in sector 5, abandoned, salvageable but in need of a tow back to the shipyard we are rapidly building here in home sector (3). the TSN Valiant arrived back uninhabitable but in her case repairs are simple. unlike our other casualty this week - this time to BioMechs who again have taken offense to the exotic energy display from the inbound supply ship TSAF Taramov. The Destroyer TSN Surprise has been repaired, luckily the Tamarov carried significant quantities of ship parts.

Sector 1’s Basic infrastructure is now in places, Two sensor relays, Two Comms buoys, a Nav point has been established to Sector 9 as well we only need a probe scan of sector 2 to establish a nav point in that direction as well.. pity the TSN Falcon had our only Stellar Cartography module its was destroyed; Next supply run is in two weeks.  We also managed to deploy sensor relays and comms buoys in sector 5. not a full complement and we have since shut them down to hope to hide them from the pirates. The 4th Light Division were forced to withdraw and put up a defensive Minefield near the Navpoint to Sector 5 The TSN Valiant also had to be evacuated, though we have remote interfaced with it and its limping back on autopilot to us for repairs as I record this.

One other curious thing. There was a ship of unknown type and origin in sector 5, it transmitted something in an unknown language, forcing its message on our audio systems somehow and then shadowed the TSN Phoenix for a while.. it did do anything hostile but it watched some of the engagements we had with the pirate forces. We have had a look at the sensor logs and the construction of this ship appears almost organic.. its not alive that is for sure, there were 7 distinct life signs on the ship none of which where the ship itself, however its almost as if the ship had been grown, it also showed a crystalline structure to its hull… is this what the Pirate syndicate have referred to as a N’tain Ship? we must keep our eyes open.

Personal Log

The Heavy Pirate Presence in Sector 5 has put some strain on the crew of the Asimov and the engineering ship J. Bradfield. fortunately however the Tamarov brought parts for a fully fledged semi-mobile Shipyard, capable of refits and major repairs for the 4th Light Division to park in. It also boosts some proper crew facilities, not quite on the level of a station but bunk space for all and a decent lounge and other amenities.  That has been a good boost for moral thought its taking some time to assemble.  

The thought of all those pirates just hours away worries me.. if just one Pirate scout ship spots us hidden in this thick nebular the exploration of the expanse could come to a premature end. Not to mention the lives of everyone.. well actually I suspect the pirates will want us alive… they are very fond of slaves.

Terran Stellar Navy Auxiliary Forces Construction Ship Asimov
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Man, these are good!

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Wow, very cool. Makes me want to see what happens next
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