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Hennry Mackintosh

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Captains Log Terran Stellar Auxiliary Forces Construction Ship Asimov Stardate 070215.2237

The Danae gate continues to Oscillate between Aligned and unaligned states, it is only by brute force that we where able to align it enough today to allow the 2nd Fleet 4th Light Division to transit into the sector and relive The TSN Virgal and the 3rd Deep Space Escorts. As expected the entire jump point matrices collapsed on the Virgal's exit. It seems the Local BioMech Population took offense to the exotic energy display the 4th Light Division created on its transition to normal space and assaulted us and the Departing 3rd Deep Space Escorts, Captain Daniels had unfortunately left most of his weaponry with us to use as supplys for the 4th Divison, this proved to be a fatal error for most of the departing vessels as the 4th Light Division were forced to decide between protecting the Asimov and the departing ships. All but the TSN Virgal and our ship were destroyed.

The as per prior arrangement after the emergency had been dealt with the Asimov activated a number of target drones to simulate a heavy attack on the Asimov, the 4th Division acquitted themselves well although they did have difficulty in docking with us, not realising that only our starboard side has a docking array, Much amusement was had in the observation lounge at the expense of the 4th Division ships. How ever by the end of the Training exercises theses issues had been resolved.

Our Supply situation remains good although by brute forcing the gate into alignment we used up some of our Denabite Reserve, still we are far from critical and we are expecting a supply ship in 2 weeks.

Personal Log.

A heavy feeling is pressing down on me, the 3rd Deep Space Escorts have been our guides and defenders for almost 7 Months now. It is a shame that there departure was herded with death and destruction during their final minutes in the Expanse. The 4th Light recover as many survivors as they could; but by our estimates 37 are dead or unaccounted for and there are many walking wounded.

The TSN Sorcerer remains unaccounted for, its is now 2 and half weeks overdue.. I can only assume that it has been lost with all hands. Captain Greg was a dear friend of mine who was present when I married my dear angel Henrietta those many years ago. I can only hope that I am wrong, but as the Expanse Claims more lives I feel trepidation about this entire endeavor out on the frontier.


Terran Stellar Navy Auxiliary Forces Construction Ship Asimov
You need it, we build it!

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Hi Hennry,

That is an awesome first post. Love it. The addition of a personal log was a nice touch.

I wish we could get more of these kinds of posts. I really hope you keep posting about your adventures through the expanse!

Is this fictional or an account of your last game session?

Also in accordance with TSN RP Canon, unless it's been changed, jump gates aren't actually gates. They are antennas that allow TSN RP Group ships to charge and use super long range jump drives that all of their inter-sector ships are fitted with.
Fish Evans

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This post is semi in charecor, semi not and is prevalent to the TSN RP comunitys established cannon.

Actually Jump Gates are much more then simple targeting points they focus a jump points energy into one location. I dont belive the cannon has changed so I suspect you skim read the technical artical on them Arrew!.

Jump points are naturaly occuring, however the region of space that they ocupie is naturaly quite large with a few rare exceptions. one of the reasons for development the gate is to anchor and align the energy streams of the jump point into a much smaller much more focused area on both sides.

On several occasions the TSN has deliberately used massive amounts of energy to remotely shift the nexus of the jump point for specific reasons, One of them in tracking down an errent enemy Mass Driver to destroy it.. its is not with out risks as the TSN Guardian and Falcon found out, ending up temporarily stranded a long way from home.

As for Hennry's Post I am reliably informed it is nether fictional nor an entirely an account of the last Mission for the TSN but it IS cannon [wink]

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I'm a big sc-fi tech buff so I hope you don't mind. Perhaps I'm reading it wrong. Will stick another thread about it somewhere when I have time or PM you or something, since it's totally off topic. ( Thats how I read it.)

I really love these logs. I wish there'll be more of them. And I am curious to hear more of your adventures.

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I'm digging these reports too, I can't wait to hear what happens next!
Xavier Wise

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This log has now been added to the TSN RP Community website to document the exploration of the Euphini Expanse. Check them out following the link below. We'll also be adding other logs to these pages, including more from the TSAF Asimov's captain as they become available, official logs from the commanding officer's during a mission and video logs from crew members.

Fleet Captain Xavier Wise - TSN Sabre
Link to TSN RP Community website
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