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Trigger Happy

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Reply with quote  #61  (The internals could be striped out and placed in a custom shell if necessary)

For Away Team?????
Jake Ryker

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Very Cool Trigger….nice find…

Costumes & Club / Groups

Some folks like to add medals or ribbons to their futuristic military costumes. In some cases groups have formed and use medals and ribbons as rewards for service. In either case here is some sources for military style medals and ribbons.

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I'm probably being a little oversensitive here, but I would really like to ask all who go the route of medals and ribbons, to please please take care not to replicate actual military decorations, and to REALLY ask that if you happen to be using real ones that you do stop doing so. Everyone here seems like really good people, so I'm probably preaching at the choir anyways, but I just wanted to put that out there as a request from this veteran.

There are a few on that linked page that are the same as real military decorations, (at a very quick glance, the Army Service Ribbon, and the Nato Medal ribbon are both depicted in the sample picture), and many others that are uncomfortably close to others. If nothing else, please don't ever wear anything that looks even close to anything in the top 2 rows of this -   - It definitely would not be taken kindly to.

Anything in the US military as high or higher that the Purple Heart is a really big deal. And while a person might not mean anything at all by it, and may have had no intention whatsoever of claiming to have earned a decoration, I'd ask everyone to have the respect to be informed enough to not do it, even accidentally. Ok my soapbox rant is over. 

Thanks all.

This community rocks and I am super grateful to have such cool people to share my hobbies with.

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