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Hello gang,

I'm updating my laptop portfolio to Win10, which includes some older laptops with 1 GB of RAM.  I found these tips for clawing more performance out of them on this website and thought I'd pass it along as a resource.

I didn't do all of these things, but many of them and I definitely notice an improvement in less OS lag.  Best of luck.

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Through experimenting with shutting off these services and background programs I was able to trim 700MB of RAM down to 559.  Or more importantly boost available RAM from 221 to 432.  It also makes Win10 less aggravatingly sluggish, which is helpful for sanity's sake.  This all made windows and Artemis slow to load, but function perfectly fine once it was loaded for non-graphic purposes (fine for helm, weapons, engineering, science, and comms;  not for fighter, main screen, or observer).  I turned observer mode off on this to trim overhead.

I also used some old SD cards for Readyboost (using flash cards as pseudo-cache), which also seemed to help a bit.  I've heard you can also use the flash card as an additional, faster paging file/virtual RAM (though you probably just want it as a secondary paging file so it doesn't crash the computer if removed), but I've not tried it.

Any other tips out there for 1GB RAM computers?

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This is a really interesting thread with some good ideas, Ill be looking more at readyboost, but if I have a PC with 1GB of RAM the first thing I do is get it up to 4GB. Lowering the number of processes is a good tip no matter what.

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