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Mike Substelny

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At Artemis Armada One Thom outfitted the main ballroom bridges with the beta software version Artemis 2.1.9. Players got to see the Space Dragon and Charybdis and other new space monsters, as well as play massive games coordinated by the War Server. This gave Thom the chance to observe lots of crews playing and make notes of bugs and glitches. Since then he has been hard at work honing the software for the anticipated release of Artemis 2.2.

If all goes according to plan, Artemis 2.2 will be tested at my place in Cleveland, Ohio on June 6th. At that time I also hope to be testing all of the canonical battles played at Artemis Armada One to make sure they work with Artemis 2.2. My intention is to have them packaged with Artemis 2.2 so everyone can have a crack at them.

Friend me on F-Book if you want an invitation.

Before anyone asks, I obviously cannot promise a delivery date for Artemis 2.2 to be released to the public. If the tests go well Thom might release it quickly, but if the tests uncover problems it could take longer. Either way, after June 6 you should be able to ask Thom for an estimate.

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Cool there'll be more inbuilt scripted missions and I am curious about the Canonical battles too.

Looking forward to the update. [smile]
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