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I challenge my self to craft interesting and engaging missions that are fun for all, including coms. But it seems that I have made this mission to complex and I invite you to try it out - with out peaking in the codes [wink]
There are to versions of the same mission, one with a 20 min timelimit and one with a 40 min timelimit. It was fun to see how that changed the game dynamic. 
  • I don't write within the Artemis canon, so this is a generic space adventure... might be a bit heavy on sci-fi-pop-cultural references. 
  • It was written for vanilla Artemis 2.1, as this version have been the most stabel until 2.4 (in my opinion) No mods needed or changes in the vesseldata.
  • There is a gm-keys.txt fil with the GM keys, including how to start the mission. (our setup stands idel from time to time, so I have made GM key combination that will start the mission briefing, timers ect)

This is the kind of missions that I write, but is this mission to hard for experience players? I would love to know

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will it run on 2.4? my group loves doing missions and would probably enjoy trying it out.
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I just did a quick check and ran the mission on 2.4. As it is it will run, but since there have been changes in anomalies (powerbatteries) and space monsters then I don't know how well the game experience is now and if the mission is playable. 

So that is a no to 2.4 [frown] 
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