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Δ ~ Delta Division ~ Δ

A Short History of The Torchbearer’s

Submitted by: Admiral Shea O. Transue

Humanity had extended its reach to the stars, with the advent of the jump drive and then the warp drive we were able to conquer the vastness of space. Our knowledge grew exponentially, but some still thought their capability for learning was still to restricted, they reasoned that the United Space Fairing Planets (USFP) inhibited their pursuit of knowledge and limited its free distribution to all. So a new group formed proclaiming themselves the Torchbearer’s. Their goal was to catalogue and expand upon all human knowledge and for it to be shared freely for the betterment of all. This group, our people, took to finding a safe haven where they could work in peace. Setting out with the best technology of the time they took 48 ships and 13,178 members.

They found their home on a desolate rock far out in one of the spiral arms of our galaxy far from the destructive and prying eyes of the USFP this was in the year 2173. Their journey was long but successful, upon their arrival to the planet they set about terraforming it and installing a vast data storage and energy collection network. They drafted a true democratic government where every voice was heard, from the smallest child to the oldest of all of the elders and they named this government The Alpha Division.

They decided to categorize their areas of study into divisions…

The Beta division was created for administering the decisions of the Alpha Division.

The Gamma Division for all scientific study.

The Delta Division for the study and discovery of History.

The Pi Division is for Mathematical advancement.

The Epsilon Division for the study and creation of Language and Literature.

The Theta Division for the continuation and development of the Arts.

The Psi Division for research and the practice of Medicine.

Finally by the year 2200 they had completed their construction and named the planet Metisis, a tribute to the Greek titan Metis who represented wisdom, skill and craft. They now had everything they needed, the most advanced laboratories, schools, and workshops. They had constructed replica historical structures from Terra and kept the old crafts alive. But because of their relative isolation they had not considered one thing, defenses, not to protect themselves, but to protect their work.

A vote was taken in 2210 thus commissioning the creation of The Omega Division. And now their society was complete having the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the end they found this poetic. This could not have happened at a better time because just two years later in 2212 a great civil war enveloped all of The United Space Fairing Planets. Because of their great strides in technology the Torchbearer’s feared giving either side an unfair advantage so they decided to withdraw their defense fleet and not participate in this pointless violence. They instead created hundreds of medical ships to assist both sides, giving aid to all humanity. To this day this is the purpose of the Omega division, to defend the helpless and give aid to those in need. 

Omega Division new logo.jpg 

Admiral Shea O. Transue
Ω ~ Omega Division ~ Ω
A ~ The Torchbearer's ~ A


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