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Fish Evans

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The Terran Stellar Navy Online Role Playing Group Is Recruiting!

- Duty, Honor, Space Whales! Join the TSN Today!

- Become part of what is probably the biggest weekly gathering of Artemis Players 30+ Players on a typical Shift!

- No Pria Experience required our instructors will pass on all the information you need to become a full officer in the TSN! (and a decent Artemis player).

- GM Missions most weeks, play in an ever changing and growing Universe that changes over time!

- Earn Achievements, Pins, Ribbons and Medals!

- Duct tape! Airlocks! and much much more!


Join us on our Team Speak 3 Server <link to TS3 client its FREE>

Every Saturday at:

UTC 20:00

BST 21:00

EST 15:00

PDT 12:00

Though New members are advised to turn up 15 Minuets earlier so our Duty Officer can go over the role call. there is usaly plenty of semi-in charterer chat

Applications (or just turn up on TS3), and further information can be found at
Fish Evans

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^updated to reflect curent times and changed details ^


The TSN Story Continues:

The long bar conflict, a saga of battles that went on for 3 mounths over the summer left the USFP and TSN in a bad way, with pirate raids and terrorist plots and the mysterious disaperiance of a space station. the 4th Light Division have had a tough time.

3 Weeks ago a deep cover agent requested emergency extraction from the Al'mare system a fight ensured against the Al'mare extremist group The Prists of ISON. The agent was successfully extracted and brought with him a coded message alluding to the location of the Traitorous Admiral Rice. Wanted for passing Classified TSN designs to the Hegemony during the war she had eluded capture at the end and vanished.

Location QPTFJEPO SJGU ...-- the lonely Blackness. Password: .-- .. -.- .- .-. .---- ---.. %66%56%61%40%62%65 Frequency / cobalt-60 Mhz FM

3 Weeks later the Decoded transmission lead the TSN to a corner of the Posiden Rift. A badland where black holes, Radiation and worse lurk. Discovering a hegemony Mining Operation and defensive structures in what is nominally TSN space. The 4th Light Division fought off hostiles and finaly boarded several bases ... Bases of TSN Design and found two things:
A sample of a strange alloy and intelligence that Admiral Rice leading the Unakalhai and Hegemony forces plan on attacking the Ximi neutral outpost Freeport 4 next week.........

Fish Evans

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6 Mounths later.....

The 4th Light Division is deep in the Euphine Expanse, batterd and bruised and a long way from the nearest support Pirates and and unknown Alien race threaten the Division on a daily occurance... what lurks in that nebular?

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"There's coffee in that there nebula!" - Voyager
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