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So I want to document this to further my commitment to finishing this project. I have been pouring over these forums and YouTube videos ever since Encountering Artemis at Dragon-con and playing LawsonThomson's set-up in 2017. It only took one time sitting down and playing with a group to know I wanted to be able to create that wonder for others and have a ship of my own. 

It's been a slow process. I'm not exactly in a position to have lots of expendable income but I have managed to get my hands on enough computers over time to put together the standard bridge, but I want more. 

I've already added a Thrustmaster Hota to the mix for helm and have on All-in-one touchscreen that is used at the moment for the Engineering section. I've taken it out on two test runs, one with family and another at a church conference. Both went very well and even folks who swore "I don't play video games" had a great time. It's next stop is at a summer camp in 2 weeks.

My next goal is to upscale with DMX, better sound, and the overall presentation of the bridge, while keeping it portable.

So here's the plans for phase 1.

I have some skills in woodworking and some experience in wiring and have mentors in both areas if I need them, if things get tricky. I intend to build to light-box/speaker combos which can rest on my Speaker stands from my DJ years. I intend to hang a screen between the boxes for the projector to throw to. I intend to mount the projector in a box with an amp to power the speakers. 

The light/speaker Boxes will have jacks for power, audio, and DMX built into the backs so that it will all be quickly plugged together and unplugged after. I intend to have zones within the light boxes for various statuses that will light or change color depending on various conditions and will have LED strips recessed into the sides of the boxes to throw light on to the walls near them. I haven't started the build and there is a part of me that may still just use my old DJ speakers and Amp separately and have these just be light boxes, so I'm open to thoughts.    

IMG_1629a.jpg  IMG_1630a.jpg  I don't know why it keeps laying the plans down on their sides. I've tried uploading it twice.

Anyway, I'll hopefully be able to get the lightboxes built out of MDF while I wait for the other parts to have funds available for purchase and as free time allows. In time I'd like to add a second set of lightboxes for more statuses and even better fill with sound. I'd also like to eventually place a warp core. But one step at a time. I hope to join you in the fleet flying fancy soon.


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Awesome stuff! Looking forward to see how it progresses. The Confrontation has been a cool project for me, and I've enjoyed it a lot. I've also learned a lot in the process.

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