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....I guess it had to happen, didn't it?

Let me start by explaining to those of you who aren't familiar with me just who this is, and why you might care. I am Lt. Jr. Artemus Cousland, former Helmsman of the TSN Osiris. My service record starts sometime near August, where I've trained under Commander Corwin, Captain Xavier, and Lt. Commander Alice. Before my first promotion to Ensign, we had been sent to defend the Sierra sector from the enemy, and we did so without suffering losses.

Afterwards, I joined the Osiris permanently at the request of the Lt. Commander, and made it to Lt. Jr not too long after that. But then came the call. My former crew from when I was back in the Academy gave me a call, asking for immediate assistance. Since we weren't on duty, I decided to answer the call and head out to the [REDACTED] sector. What I saw there was a gigantic mess. The planet that the sector was named after had a vast amount of resources and minerals, but not quite the proper equipment to handle all of it.

Given my service record, I was asked to personally oversee the construction and maintaining of a spaceport for the sector. Once it was built, I had set up a ground handling crew, where I continue to work as a separate mission for the TSN. But today, friends and comrades, is the day that I have returned to friendly space. It'll be some time until the paperwork is finished to transfer me back over to Promethean Command, but I look forward to rejoining the TSN Osiris with its new upgrades.

With permission, that is.

Fly safe,

Lt. Jr. Artemus Cousland

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It'll be good to have you back Lieutenant [smile]
Commander Neimad Korczynski
Commanding Officer, TSN Stalker
2nd Space Fleet, 4th Light Division


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As i've said to you personally, it is great to have you back!
Captain of the USN Basroil.
"I am a leaf on the wind. Watch how I soar." - Hoban Washburne
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