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I would like to thank the volunteers and staff who were responsible for this year's fabulous con. It was the best one yet. I love how Katie got us a space for our bridge. Phil and his great portrail as Rocky and the opportunity to be in the Murder Mystery. Doug & Saun for the live missions. Paul for the great mission scripting. Kim for creeping me out in the green suit.

This was my fourth Armada. For some of my crew it was their first Armada. We all had a great time meeting up with other crews, like the Hamilton from Canada. Thanks to the Ceres, Bill Mays and How to Starship for that last mission, the battle of Beachwood! Sorry Ceres, I couldn't find the Mimosa. 

Hope to see you all next year.

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Thank you for your kind comments, parpar.

Mark is working diligently on an exit survey, which should be published later today. I hope everyone will use it to give us detailed feedback.

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Hear, Hear!

Armada IV was my second Armada. It was a great time all around. I really appreciate the planning and work to make it a memorable event. The way the thread of the murder mystery built up to the dramatic opening of the Battle of Beachwood was pitch perfect in my opinion -- you could feel the electricity in the room (and it wasn't from the lack of shielding on anyone's rig).

Can't wait to see everyone again next year!
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I concur!!!

The crew of the Hyperion all had a great time and came home with a renewed excitement for Artemis.  

Thank you for another great Armada. You all went above and beyond!!!

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My... ...companion... ...and I thank you for your hospitality. We had a good time. That was a, “wild ride”.

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Agreed!  The HOW2STARSHIP??? has been there for all 4 Armadas so far, and we all agreed this was our favorite.  Personally I don't get to play Artemis all that much, but this reminds me why I love the game.
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Thanks! Our team worked really hard, and it's great to hear that folks had a good time. 

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Just wanted to second Adam in saying THANK YOU!  for another great Armada! 
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