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Switch Sides Mod for Artemis 2.7

I have finally updated my Switch Sides mod for Artemis 2.7. This apparently fixes all of the problems I was having with carriers, as it works fine under 2.7.5 now. I made some pretty major changes, and eliminated some of the experimentation, so if you've been thinking that it would be cool to play the Hegemony against their TSN enemies, then this is the mod for you. 

The previous post for Artemis 2.6 is found here. As of this version I am eliminating all of the folders with the previous versions of the mod. I'm also attaching the zip file to this post instead of posting it on my own web site. 

This Switch Sides mod allows you to play a Kralien, Skaraan, Arvonian or Torgoth ship against NPC TSN ships and their allies. The backstory of the mod is that the TSN and the Ximni have joined into an alliance with the Torgoth, and this has pushed the front lines back into Hegemony territory. So now it is the Kralien sectors that are under attack, and your ship (possibly beefed up by the Skaraans) has to defend them from the invasion. 

Some ships, like the Kralien Cruiser and Dreadnought, or the Arvonian Heavy Carrier, are either too primitive or too big to be refitted with Warp or Jump drive. Playing one of these ships would be more like playing the other side in the stock game, where you are greatly outgunned and outperformed by TSN technology. Playing these ships will be very difficult. The Kralien Battleship, however, as well as the Arvonian Light Cruiser and Torgoth Goliath, have been equipped with Warp or Jump drive and torpedo launchers, giving them firepower a lot closer to the TSN and Ximni player ships. 

You'll be facing off against Dreadnoughts and Carriers, all equipped with fighters, and Missile Cruisers that launch pseudo-nukes at you. Your enemies will all have lots of drones. And you'll have to face the Ximni and Torgoth as well as the TSN. On the other hand, you can play a Pirate, and finally take on the TSN head on, with out without the help of the Hegemony bases. 

I'm also including a second version of the vesselData.xml file, which allows you to play most of the different player ships in PvP. You'll be able to play the TSN against the Skaraans or Arvonians in PvP, with player ships on both sides. Or even all four sides, if you want a war between the TSN, Ximni, Pirates and Hegemony. 

I'm really excited about this final idea, which I came up with after answering another post in the Development forum. My Switch Sides mod was really intended to let you play the Hegemony against the TSN, in PvE, but all I really needed to do was just put together my player ships with the stock player ships. So I added this variation to the mod. 

Please let me know if you have any problems with this mod. I've done some pretty extensive testing, but I've only soloed through one complete game, maybe two, at really low difficulty. I think the balance should be pretty good (although the Hegemony is at a definite disadvantage) but let me know if you have any suggestions about how I should change things. 

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I haven't given it a try, but I'll post my comments as soon as I have. Thanks for doing this btw. 
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