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Switch Sides Mod for Artemis 2.6

This is a mod that will switch the sides in Artemis. The players will play a Kralien ship (or Skaraan) while the TSN ships will take the role of the bad guys. The story behind this mod is that the TSN has managed to form an alliance with the Torgoths, and it is the Kraliens who must defend their sectors from invasion.

This is designed primarily to highlight the imbalance between the two sides, and how difficult it would be to play an actual Kralien. Playing a Skaraan, however, evens it out and makes it a lot more fair. The TSN will use system ships, Escorts and Destroyers, as members of fleets, so they will not have Warp Drive. The main TSN ships, however, will take the place of Skaraans so they will have access to Warp Drive. (Although most will not have it. They will have Cloak and other stealth abilities the players don't have access to, though)

This mod was originally posted in the thread "Would you like to play the Bad Guys", but it is so old now it is no longer editable. So I am starting a new thread for the 2.6 version. The last working version posted was for 2.3, although the script would work with some edits for 2.4. (to add the playerdamage attribute) With this version it is up to date, and I plan to update it for 2.7.

Skaraan version:

This is the best version of the mod, where you play the Skaraans, not the Kraliens. The default ship, however, is a prototype Kralien Battleship that the Skaraans have equipped with Warp Drive and a single Drone (Torp) launcher. Like the Scout, it does not carry Nukes. All of the enemy TSN ships have had their damage adjusted, and topspeed set so they will not leave their fleets behind. Elite TSN ships carry at least one Drone launcher, and may carry two. (if they have the Drone elite ability) The Missile Cruiser has two drone launchers; one fires twice as fast, while the other does as much damage as a Nuke, but only fires every two and a half minutes. Basically, approach a Missile Cruiser carefully, and be ready kill the drones quick and move in before it can Nuke you again!

I've also included a Torgoth Goliath and an Arvonian Light Carrier as playable ships. As with the Kralien Battleship, the Skarrans have fitted both ships with FTL, but I suggest playing them with Jump Drive, not Warp Drive. The Goliath is so slow that its Warp 1 is only half normal speed. The Battleship is much faster and better suited for Warp, although it is still quite sluggish on turns. The Goliath is also the equivalent of the Missile Cruiser, with 4 tubes and its large stock of ordinance. I thought about including one of the bigger Torgoth, but they would have required changing the camera distance.

The Arvonian Carrier, of course, is the counterpart of the TSN Carrier, and will launch up to 4 Arvonian Fighters. I forsee this being a lot of fun for the fighter pilots. [smile] Arvonian Fighters are larger and more sluggish than TSN Fighters, and their beams fire slower, but do more damage. (You can imagine that they have two beams that fire at once) Their shields are slightly stronger, but they carry no missiles. The Bombers carry missiles, but have weaker shields, and of course there is also a shuttle. The TSN Carriers will launch NPC TSN Fighters. (which don't have missiles)

Another addition for the new version is that the Skaraans have Combat Jump. The enemies will also include Ximni.

Kralien version:

This mod has two Kralien ships for the players to experiment with, which have had their Warp disabled and have no torpedoes either. The Dreadnought can be pretty tough in combat, but for both ships, their lack of Warp Drive means you have to have a lot of patience. The prototype Kralien Battleship and two Skaraan ships are also included, and should fare better. The Skaraans actually have not had their (extremely high) speed modified, so they are very fast, especially at Warp. (I lowered it for the other version so their Warp 4 would not be so fast) I recommend only using Warp 1 for the Skaraans in this version, to match their top speed in the normal game, or use Jump Drive, and limit it to 6k. The Skaraans won't have Combat Jump.

The TSN Missile Cruiser in this version fires 3 drones at one time. It fires at the usual rate, and does not fire "nukes", but needing to destroy three drones at a time may call for a different strategy. All other TSN ships fly at their stock speed, so they don't band together in fleets very well, but they move faster at low difficulty when they are on their own. (And the need to keep turning around and regroup may give the Kraliens time to reach them)

There is no Torgoth option in this mod, but the Arvonian is their larger Carrier, with 6 fighters onboard. In keeping with the non-Warp Kraliens, however, the Arvonian Carrier has no Warp Drive and no Torpedo Launcher. It is still heavily armed, but it will have to take considerable time to complete a mission, just like the Impulse-only Kraliens.

As noted in the other thread, I included all older version of the mod for nostalgia's sake. There is also a readme file. I never got around to correcting the propulsion points for the Scout, and now the Ximni propulsion points aren't right either. It should still work with the Gun Camera, but the maneuver points will be in the wrong place.

Please let me know if there are any bugs or issues.

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Okay, I've tested out all of the available versions of this mod, from 2.0 all the way to 2.6, and I've found that for some reason, 2.6 crashes when loading a carrier. It even crashes occasionally on non-carrier ships, presumably because of the shuttle. I haven't been able to find out what is wrong, and the version for 2.4 and 2.5 works just fine with no crashes. So I'm releasing the mod as-is.

My recommendation is to run carriers in 2.5.1, and everything else in 2.6. I'll continue to try and track down the problem, but I'm pretty sure I've changed everything that needs to be changed. The carriers use "baycount" (with a value less than 8) the fighters are "singleseat fighter" and the shuttle is "singleseat shuttle", and the fighter shields use the "player" attribute. If any of our modders can suggest what I might be doing wrong I'd appreciate it.

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