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Xavier Wise

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Often in games, the area of space is flooded with drones. Drones that don't hit an asteroid, ship or are fired on by beams end up remaining indefinitely, so in games where there are lots of Torgoths (or other drone launching ships), the number of them chasing you can really build up.

What I would love to see is a limit to the drone's "range", similar to the limit on player fired ordnance. Would it be possible to have a timer set on drones that will remove them if they have not been destroyed when it expires? If we could configure the timer in the artemis.ini that would also be awesome as it would allow us to simulate a maximum range on the drones.

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I would have to agree. The unlimited range makes sense in a casual gameplay sort of way, but it gets old when the swarm of missiles from one side of the map are a danger to your base on the other. Especially when TSN missiles have such a  limited range. 
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