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One of the players started writing dialogue scripts for filming to play the standard stock missions. These scripts are to brief for crews who are about to play. It was used in the fleet wide game on December 15, 2019 during a eight ship fleet wide game in Canada.

Here are two videos, people are welcome to use this to get their bridge crew immersed into the game. We had a lot of fun making it, with hopes you and your crew enjoy watching it. There's many more that were written, it is just a matter of getting together to film the rest at some point in the future. But here's a start, enjoy!

Mission Briefing - Double Front

Mission Briefing - Boarder War


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Good job! And nice background!

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I was at davidtrinh's event above - awesome vids, thanks Dave and co!

We (at least in theory) had 8 ships playing in various locations across Canada, coast-to-coast, with all locations connected over the internet to one of my AWS-hosted "Nebula" servers. We were idly wondering, after the fact, whether we could have used the missions-scripting functionality to play these videos on "all main screens". We understand there's a function to start a video. Does it have to be for a LOCAL FILE, present on all mainscreen PCs, or can we provide a URL to a WEB-HOSTED video, EG the above YouTube embeds? This might have been much more convenient than arranging "Please watch this video now, we'll see you back on the server in 2 mins".

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Dave - you can now "piggy-back" a pair of Deep Strike missions on top of your Double Front. 
Hegemony Forces continue to threaten the key resources in sector Gamma Draconis*, but this time we are taking the initiative!  Your  mission is to destroys their bases to prevent their incursions.  {And maybe come back alive, too.}  Since bases are not capable of inter sector travel, you will be accompanied by a supply ship.  Please allow ~5 minutes for re-stocking. 
Lather, rinse, and repeat for the other incursion sector.....  
* name optional....

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