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Has the "community" standardized on WHICH DMX channels are used for what status/function?

How many of the 512 available DMX channels are currently allocated in the current DMX mapping?

Lee A Keiser II -

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The channels used in a DMXcommands.xml file depend upon the hardware that is attached to the server.  If you have two 3-channel lights, how you wish to implement the triggers, and in turn, the channels, is up to you.  The game comes with a default file that utilizes 3 channels (0,1, and 2) as if you were using a single, 3 channel, PAR-38 can light (or equivalent).

My personal setup utilizes 130 channels due to the fact that I have 43 separately controllable lights attached.  Because of the ease of customization, openness of the DMX controls, and the variety of hardware options available in the DMX field, I doubt that there will ever be a "standard" for channels and functions.
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