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Hey everyone!

First of all let me introduce myself. I'm Cas, my girlfriend and I create Virtual Reality content on YouTube.

I haven't played Artemis Spaceship Bridge simulator, but I think that what we played yesterday is something really interesting for a lot of you. We tried out the game PULSAR: Lost Colony, because VR support was recently added. 

In this game you have to run an advanced spaceship in a crew of 5 members. It's an intricate game that has strategy, RPG, adventure and action in one package. It can get challenging, but if you like that then this is definitely something you'd like to see or try.
 Also the intense cooperation you have to do in this game is really awesome.

If you guys are curious about how this game is like in VR, we made a video review about it on our channel:

We were playing it together, Chary on the HTC Vive and I played on the Oculus Touch. Anyway, I just wanted to let you guys know that it's possible to dive into space, and then explore and run a space ship with others. I hope the video does not offend you fans as we just like to make the most fun out of games we can. 

Much love,

Cas & Chary!

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This looks promising. We've seen Star Trek: Bridge Crew, which follows the Artemis theme of crew members working together to control the ship, but AFAIK the players are locked into their bridge stations, meaning they cannot walk around the ship. PULSAR: Lost Colony gives you the ability to walk around the ship, making in more like the submarine game HMS Marulken, which was also posted here.

The big advantage of being able to walk around the ship in Virtual Reality is that it is simple to extend the VR world to include alien planets or starbases. That's something you can't do in Artemis or Star Trek:Bridge Crew, and in fact in HMS Marulken you can't leave the submarine.

I like that planetary exploration and the Science officer's job mean that Away Team missions are important to the gameplay. Artemis needs more development in that area, although it's getting there with side missions and Upgrades. Of course, exploration is very simplistic in PULSAR at this time. All you do is collect plant samples and buy upgrades with what you grow. However, I suspect the name "Lost Colony" means eventually you will be searching for something.

One thing I didn't like is how -- for want of a better word -- "virtual" the gameplay is. Controls are right there in front of you in a HUD, and all the information about the ship and the enemy is there are your fingertips. There isn't the communication element that's integral to Artemis. Also, the first person point of view changing suddenly to a third person point of view on the ship is disturbing to me. I would have liked to have seen a viewscreen or something to put the ship view on. But that's just me, in actual gameplay, the transition may feel more seamless.

I noticed the view kept telescoping in on a small point, is that to keep movement inside the game from making the player motion sick? I haven't played any VR games, but I've heard that's a big issue. Star Trek: Bridge Crew, as I said, locks the players in place, and HMS Marulken isn't VR, or at least I don't think it supports that option at this time.

I don't see PULSAR competing with Artemis or replacing it. Every time someone posts about a VR game, I point out that one of the strengths of Artemis is that it ISN'T a VR game, it takes place in your real living room, with real players you can see and yell at. Of course, you can play it online, but that isn't the main thrust of the way it was designed to be played. VR will always be a great way to bring players together if they can't be in the same room, but it can't beat a custom bridge, or being able to look over the shoulder of your teammates at their screens.

PULSAR should be a great way to combine bridge crew play with actual Away Team missions though, in a way that LARP can't. I look forward to seeing how it develops.

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For those who are curious, I will go ahead and post what I found on Wikipedia about the game. [biggrin] PULSAR: Lost Colony is a single to five player game, with five crew roles. These roles are as follows:

Captain - Commands the ship, and assigns upgrades and skill points to his crew. (In other words, he can promote his crew. It sounds like a cool game mechanic) It appears the Captain interacts with the mission system and decides which ones to take. The Captain also has a few emergency functions only he can unlock, such as emergency jump.

Pilot - Steers the ship, setting angle and speed, and initiates warp/jump. Warp drive appears to be a long range travel function that is much faster than normal speed, and appears as a tunnel with moving stars. Warp must be "laid in" by aligning with a target beacon before jumping. Movement is in three dimensions, with target systems both above and below the plane of movement.

Weapons - Fires weapons, appearing mainly to be railguns. Combat appears to be First Person Shooter style, with the player actually seeing the view from the gun he is firing. Presumably there are missiles available as well, but I doubt there are loading or unloading mechanisms. I'm guessing on Away Teams the Weapons officer would also serve as security/combat, and pick skills accordingly.

Science - In addition to scanning enemy ships (not sure how this is done or whether this requires constant effort) the Science officer serves the primary role in Away Teams. He has a scanner he can use for various purposes, and his role is to collect specimens which are brought back to the ship's Science Lab. These specimens are grown into plants, and generate points which can be traded in for player skills.

Science also seems to handle communications tasks, but it doesn't seem as if these jobs are as intensive as they are in Artemis. As I said above, everything you need to know is displayed on the HUD. The Science officer apparently also serves as a medic, so players can be injured and healed.

Engineer - As you would expect, controls power flow, keeps systems from overheating and repairs them. You have to physically put out fires and repair systems with tools available from the HUD, which is kind of neat.

All crew members appear to have the ability to do all jobs. I'm not sure how you are meant to play single player. It appears as if bots are available, but you can also control all ship systems yourself, unless there is a dedicated crewmember at that station. So I don't know how much help the bots are, or if you have to be the Captain, for example, to command them properly. My guess is that it is the skills that the players have, and not their assigned roles, that determine what they will do on the ship. The Pilot can repair systems, for instance, but he won't do it as well as the Engineer.

I'll also note the game has a non-VR mode.

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Excited about Star trek: Bridge Crew

I am streaming "pre-release" just the trailer on repeat on twitch..
-> on release i'll be streaming the game itself..

The delays are worth it, so far known they added some great stuff, this is the reason i got my VR in the first place.

VR is the future

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