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So I've got a bit of a problem. I just got a new desktop (running Windows 7), and since I fly with the TSN most Saturdays I decided to make sure Artemis ran fine on it. I started up a server with my laptop (v2.1.5), then went I went to connect on my desktop, and when I hit the "connect to server" button, the game froze for a second, then the attempting timer popped up already on 0, quickly replaced by the "failure to connect" message.

This began a long chain of me trying to get it to work, ending with me disabling the firewalls and using v2.1.1 provided by Steam on both computers to no avail. The odd thing is that I'm able to both host and connect as a client on my laptop without a problem, as well as host with my desktop and connect with my laptop. But if I host with my desktop, then I still can't connect as a client on my desktop.

Does anyone have any ideas? I am quickly running out of them.

EDIT: Took some poking around, but I found a video about port forwarding specifically dealing with Artemis, made by our own LawsonThompson (thank you for this). I hope others find this video as helpful as I have.


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I suspected it might be something like this, but know absolutely nothing about port forwarding, so I didn't feel qualified to reply. Glad you were able to figure it out, and hopefully this will help the next guy. [biggrin]
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