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Hello everyone!

Fairly new to Artemis, but my friends and I have done a few online missions together and really, really enjoyed it.

We've had enough crew to set up 2 ships, but we were only able to do unscripted missions.  Any time we tried a scripted mission with multiple ships, only those assigned to Ship 1 / Artemis would be added to the simulation.  Anyone selecting Ship 2 / Intrepid are left out, and the ship never spawns.

We're using version 2.1.1.

... and then, while writing this, I wondered if it's because there wasn't a "Main Screen" connected to spawn the ship... and hey, whaddya know - that was the problem.

So yeah - someone needs to connect as the Main Screen to get the ship to spawn in the simulation.

I'm sure this information is listed elsewhere, but I wanted to add it here in case anyone else is desperately trying to connect multiple ships and can't figure out why it's not working.  [smile]

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It's easy to remember if you keep in mind that the server serves as the Mainscreen for the ship in slot 1. You need a Mainscreen for each of the other ships, so you start a client for them. I believe the game won't force you to create one in Co-Op or PvP mode, but you still need one anyway.

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