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For all those modders who are working on their own custom ships, I have written a small application to analyze an .snt file and report exactly how many of each kind of system node are defined. It will also detect some very simple errors, such as going over 120 nodes total, or leaving a hallway node unconnected to the rest of the ship and thus invisible.

To use, just unzip into an appropriate directory (your Ship Editor directory is just fine) and double click to run it. A small window will come up with a interface to select an .snt file. Navigate to the file and select it, and it will run the analysis on that file.

The program will:

-  Show a count of all nodes of a particular system type
-  Show a count of all hallway nodes
-  Show the total count of all system nodes (the sum of the individual numbers)
-  Show the total number of nodes (systems and hallways)
-  Show the percentage of nodes that are systems
-  Show the estimated number of hits to destroy the ship (as enemy hits, not total damage)
-  Show the number of "empty" (not part of the ship) nodes

You can verify that the numbers are right by adding Total + Empty. If it is 250, the file is not damaged.

Below, the program will report any errors found. It will always report the first of these errors, fix the error and run it again to see if there are any more errors:

-  Lone nodes, listing the first one if there is more than one (as X, Y, and Z coordinates for the node)
-  More than 120 system and hallway nodes
-  Nodes of type "A" or "B" (these may be used someday, so I made this the last test)

If none of the above errors are found, the program will report the X, Y and Z coordinate range for all of the nodes in the file. This is in the coordinates of the ship. (While lone nodes above were reported in the coordinate space of nodes, (0,0,0) to (5, 5, 10)) This can be used to compare to your model and make sure it is not unexpectedly large or small. (Which can also reveal lone nodes)

Okay, this is a fixed release of the program. (My first attempt I accidently posted the debug version) I have tested this on my own .snt files and have confirmed that it works as advertised. Please check it out, and let me know if you have any problems.

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Moving to off topic as a modding tool.
Note - this is in no way intended to be an official position of Thom or Artemis, as I am not an official representative of the creator or game.
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