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I mentioned allowing manual targeting to show the torpedo points, so Missile Cruisers would have a weapons system to aim at. Being able to target drone launchers would follow logically, and the coordinates are there in the vesselData. Skaraan drone launchers would be more difficult, though; not all of them have drones, and there are no coordinates available. Maybe manual targeting could show target points for a Skaraan's specials? Then you could take out the Cloak.

Being able to cripple shields while shields are still up might be useful, particularly for Torgoth. But for shields and any other systems, like sensors, you have to add a new set of coordinates to the model. As it stands, you have three targeting systems, Weapons, Propulsion, and Manuever. Manuever wasn't always visible because of a bug, but it's there. Remember too that most enemy ships lack Warp or Jump drive, so there's nothing to target.

I was actually thinking of making launcher points just part of the weapons system, but if we make that a different system that's four choices, where only three are available for most enemies and the Missile Cruiser. Potentially a fifth system to represent Skaraan's specials and Warp and Jump drive on player ships.

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I guess I was focussing mainly on player ships and not so much AI-piloted vessels. For player ships, there is the engineering model for each ship with nodes representing critical systems. Would it be possible to link that to coordinates to have something to aim at?

In my experience, the AI becomes very predictable after only a few run-ins. Which is why I feel that having manual targeting against AI ships offers much less tactical depth than manual targeting against player ships would.

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