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I was observing on board of the Artemis while it worked with the Intrepid to rescue and support a luxury liner.

Since I am still new in this universe, many subtleties have remained hidden to me, but the mission was definitely successful. Although I was not given a declaration of secrecy to sign, it was made clear that I would be held accountable for my statements. As I have no backing from the Admiralty, I preferred to censor my report myself right away before I learned about the consequences.

While some technical problems had to be solved in the beginning, the absence of the - censored - was eagerly discussed. Since there would be no witness now, nobody could explain why the Intrepid was - censored - in a radiation - censored - . The tone was friendly and relaxed, the crew showed no signs of nervousness.

After the briefing, as a neutral observer, I realized how many commands and abbreviations don't mean anything to an outsider and almost pass for secret language. So after a short time I heard the abbreviations for various destinations and locations, but as soon as manoeuvres started it was no longer possible.

Close to cleaning the sector and finding the Luxury Liner, the ship and crew were "nursed up" by engineers and doctors and guided towards the next sector. The Artemis and the Intrepid jumped first and checked this sector for enemies, which was a very foresighted and necessary action. Some enemy ships were eliminated, at least one pirate was among them as far as I understood. The " CIC ", also an abbreviation which I don't know but understood as "beeing in command", had warned the Luxury Liner and prevented it from flying into the combat area. After its arrival the Artemis and the Intrepid were detached and returned without losses as far as I know.

Shortly before the end of the mission, there was talk of "PVP systems" to be launched, but for some reason it didn't happen.

During the battles, I had the feeling that it was getting threatening, but the crew always made me feel like they knew what they were doing. Throughout the whole operation I didn't have the feeling of being in danger and for that I would like to express my sincere thanks to the crew.

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Sorry, English is not my native language, I am German.
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